Do AAA X360 Games Lack Originality? Part Three

The Xbox 360 has had a variety of titles and highly scored games, but which titles really hold the title of best 360 games? Part THREE.

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Too_Hyped3789d ago

Which AAA ? It's been 2 years there is basically no AAA exclusive released on the 360.

Gears 2 and Halo 3 ? Yeah, they lacked originality, it's the same kind of games (shooters) and they brought nothing to the genre in my opinion.

What really lacks is MS 1st party studios though... Maybe if they didn't close the only ones they had, it would be (slightly) better.

SlamVanderhuge3789d ago

While MS may not be pumping out as many games as Sony's first party studios, saying that the 360 has no AAA exclusives is a joke sir.

A HiFi3789d ago

And what of Halo Wars? Because it has the Halo name, it can't be AAA? There was hype and it received critical and commercial success, so...the question, Too_Hyped, is what constitutes a AAA title in your eyes?

mistajeff3789d ago

They don't really focus on the originality issue in this article, do they..

GameOn3789d ago

It was same in the last part too.

italianbreadman3789d ago

I disagree with the final re-arrangement of the list. Dropping gems like Braid and Bioshock, and exalting the likes of Halo 3 makes me a bit nauseous.

cain1413789d ago

Halo 3 is probably the best shooter on the console though. It or CoD 4...

Both have sucked up so much of my time...

predator3789d ago

Halo 3 is probably the best shooter this gen full stop, well between Halo 3 and COD 4 anyway

A HiFi3789d ago

Braid is a beautiful game and deserves its place on the list, but Halo 3 offers a fantastic package. No shooter fan should be without out. The best of its genre.