Opinion: 10 most important games since 2000

Although we've only recently dipped our feet into the 21st century, the gaming industry in the last 9 years has seen enormous growth and development. MyGaming has compiled a list of what are in their opinion the ten most important games since 2000.

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ShabzS3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

half life 2 for gameplay and puzzel solving ... bishock for story... crysis, cod 4 for graphics... halo for the multiplayer .. what needs to be said about Warcraft? ... ''people still play it religiously''
should be enough

ikiru33853790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Where's RE4? That game set the bar high for Third Person shooters and it basically influenced Gears of War and other imitators.

Also, GTA3....that game revolutionized the sandbox gaming genre.

Tvonn93790d ago

not the best list in any sort...very shallow at best. Guitar Hero was an innovative new title and changed the industry not GH3, which was a joke. Bioshock is the only real contender for this list.

ShAkKa3790d ago

where is
Gta 3?
Resident evil 4?
God of War?
Halo 1?
they say most important games since 2000 but then only put games from this generation consoles, so weren`t last gen console games important?