Why Ubisoft's Next FPS is Set to Impress

We reveal all from a private showing of FPS western prequel Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood.

"Without hesitation, Bound in Blood absolutely looks the part, delivering a visual flame that can easily give titles like Far Cry 2, Crysis and even the mighty RAGE engine a run for their money."

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_Q_3788d ago

Never heard of this game but glad to see a western. We need more variety in games.

dirigiblebill3788d ago

Wild West shoot-outs = the nineteenth century's version of Bullet Time mode ;)

MurderFace3788d ago

I have a weakness for games where I get to ride a horse

iHEARTboobs3788d ago

Looks good! I'm liking the western vibe. I'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

DlocDaBudSmoka3788d ago

if it ends up like FC2 i can see it in the bargain bin rather quickly. Hopefully they dont jus redo FC2 with a western theme. Nothing quite like game crashing bugs to help realize you've wasted $60+tax.