Retro Reunion: Earthworm Jim

Gamer Limit writes: "The temptation to type out the entire theme song to Earthworm Jim is overwhelming, but seeing as it has little to do with the actual game I think I'll leave it out. Everyone remembers Jim, the worm with the super suit, super gun, and super vocabulary. The Earthworm Jim videogame was developed by Shiny Entertainment way back in 1995. The game was originally developed for the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis but was subsequently ported to a huge number of systems. The game appeared on the SNES, Game Boy, Game Gear, Sega Master System, and years later, the Game Boy Advance; its also now available on the Wii's Virtual Console.

Earthworm Jim is a run and gun game, and if you don't know what that is; think Metal Slug. The game in itself is completely bizarre. As an example, there are such an uncanny amount of cows found in the game, it's just downright creepy. The story contains a fair few imaginative characters. Jim himself used to be an ordinary worm, doing what ordinary worms do; eating dirt, praying for rain, and escaping scary birds. One day however, the evil "Psy-Crow" had cornered a rebel spaceship pilot who had nicked an "Ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit" built by "Professor Monkey For A Head". The suit had been ordered by the evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt so she could use it to further conquer the galaxy and beyond."

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Fullish3786d ago

Awesomely original character.

AcesAndEights3786d ago

Earthworm Jim, Hooray for him!

Dimly3786d ago

Earthworm Jim, we miss you. Come back