PSX Extreme: Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Remember 2001? It was arguably the greatest year for video games in history, and Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter made a significant contribution towards that year's stellar, innovative selection. Since then, the two stalwart heroes have struck out on their own, each succeeding in their own adventures (the Jak titles for the PS2 and Daxter for the PSP), but we know the fans have always hoped for a reunion. Well, you'll get exactly that some time later this year and although it isn't a next-gen project for the PS3, handheld owners should be happy to get another fantastic action/platformer. And besides, even if you don't have a PSP, you all have a PS2, right? Are you even allowed to be a resident of the Earth if you don't? Anyway, after announcing Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, several sources have gone eyes-on with the promising game, and that includes IGN, GameSpot, and others. A little of what they saw can be seen in the three screenshots we have for you; we'll elaborate on the rest."

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Awookie3790d ago

I would rather Naughty Dog make a ps3 sequel and have them work on something else.

Freak of Nature3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

It's unfortunate that it's not a PS3 game...

The series style and eye candy are an ideal fit for the PS3,a game like this would just be flat out better on the PS3.Not only looks wise,but A.I.,physics,etc,etc...So much more can be done with the PS3 power gameplay wise.

This series and only a couple more along with Team ICO's next game are my most anticipated.It's a disapointment for me.Lets not forget it's not actually Naughty Dog making this game,sure they have input,but it's not the Naughty dog talent working on this......I am happy for those that get a Jak,at least something is better than nothing.But by this game coming out it could mean the end of any hopes anytime soon for a Jak PS3...I dont like the fact the series has been turned into a "cash cow",it deserves better than that...

My only hopes are that this is a tide-me-over,prelude to a full blown PS3 title.I hope Naughty dog expands as Insomniac have.And we get altering years of Uncharted and Jak games.But it looks as if they are a 1 series per gen dev house....Still I hope they expand.

SaiyanFury3790d ago

While it's a tad disappointing it's not on PS3, I'm just glad another installment in the series is coming. I love Jak & Daxter and I've got the whole series. I'll most likely be getting the PS2 version, hopefully it'll have progressive scan.

Aclay3790d ago

When Lost Frontier comes out I'm defiantly buying the PS2 version. It was a disappointment for me to hear that this wasn't a PS3 Jak and Daxter game because it's a franchise I've always wanted to see make it's way to the PS3, but I've been a fan of the franchise since the first PS2 Jak game and there's no way I'm missing out on this one.

I would prefer that Naughty Dog go back to the Jak and Daxter franchise and make at least 1 last Jak game before doing anything else with Uncharted... don't get me wrong, I love Uncharted and all... but it would be nice to see them do something different other than Uncharted for this entire generation.

A PS3 Jak game with the Uncharted game engine would be really amazing, and then when you add the Open World gameplay that each Jak game has, it has the perfect formula for one epic adventure and I think it would be a contender for one of the best Action/Adventure Platformers this gen.

xionpunk3790d ago

I totally agree with everything you just said. Jak with the Uncharted engine would have been incredible, but I wouldn't miss this game for anything. I've gotten into the habit of playing old PS2 games lately (FFX mostly) so this works for me.

Milky3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Im happy its coming to PSP and PS2, most definitely getting it on PSP. Giving love to PS2 is kind.

Edit: why does it say coming to PLAYSTATION 3 at the bottom?

bob saget remix3790d ago

That would be sweet if its coming to the ps3

mll093790d ago

Fake image, it says Naughty Dog are developing it, when they're not.

ceedubya93790d ago

Looking forward to this game. Like many others, I would have loved to see this come to the PS3. But, at least a new game in the series is coming out. Glad there is a PSP version, as I will more than likely get that one if it controls well.

bob saget remix3790d ago

Thats what we really need. I'm hoping this E3 sony will announce it.

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