Time Warner Headshots Gamers and Game Companies With Bandwidth Caps

Gaming Target examines the new pricing tiers that Time Warner Cable plans to roll out for their cable internet service in the Fall and how it will effect gamers.

From the article:

"All of those plans have just become the victim of a headshot thanks to Time Warner Cable's announcement (on April 1st no less) that they will be imposing bandwidth caps on customers of their Road Runner cable internet service. This cap was first tested last year in Beaumont, Texas and in September will roll out in Rochester (NY), Greensboro (NC), San Antonio and Austin (TX). While the purpose of the cap was no doubt to pad Time Warner's coffers, an unintended consequence of the new service will be a strain on the wallets and playtime of gamers."

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IdleLeeSiuLung3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

More people need to know about this. ISPs are ripping is off

Is it me or are phone, cable and internet service providers the biggest rip off companies that instead of improving their service continually try to reduce it while charging more?

Conveniently all three services are usually rolled into one giant rip off company. Wish there was a way to sue the sh!t of them for this virtual monopoly they have on each region.

Mr Blings3784d ago

This has been all over the news and people are pissed...People have been writing on local news blogs, I have joined a facebook group fighting this. I have also already written a polite but direct letter to a few different customer service higher ups at Time Warner Cable. There is also a protest At Time Warners main office in Rochester NY on April 18th.

As the writer of this article stated, Verizon FIOS is in none of the cites that this experiment is taking place in....AKA where there is no competition. The next best thing I have to choose from is Frontier DSL...which sucks.

What about Hughes NET internet via dish? Would those speeds be up to par for all my gaming/downloading needs?

Time Warner may see a bump in $ when they first roll this out but we as customers need to kick them in the balls by dropping their service. We need to make them loose a good deal of their 8 million customers and quikly. The almighty dollar always speks loudest to these greedy bastards.

All this will do as I pointed out to them in my letters of concern is hurt other online businesses and handcuff innovation.

Burn Time Warner!!!!

Th3 Chr0nic3784d ago

time warner and comcast are the uprising of the left over pieces of the nazi regime after WW2.