Gamespot Review: Final Fantasy CC: Echoes of Time

Gamespot writes:

"When it's done right, few things in games are as potent as the lure to earn that little bit of additional experience needed to hit the next level and make your character better and stronger. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time definitely gets this right, delivering a compulsively playable dungeon crawler that is simple and charming enough to appeal to genre newcomers and addictive enough to keep old hands coming back for more. Unfortunately, the charms of Echoes of Time's fundamentally sound spellcasting, monster-hacking gameplay are obscured by a near-constant stream of dull puzzles that succeed only at pulling you away from the fun."

The Good
Compelling dungeon-crawling action is constantly rewarding Local multiplayer is lots of fun Accessible enough for newcomers, rich enough for veterans.

The Bad
Way too many simple, boring puzzles Online multiplayer can suffer from lag Small number of dungeons AI companions aren't very bright.

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