Destined to Disappoint: What Happens when the Hype Train Derails?

Gamer Limit writes: "The interactive media industry is one of ever-constant innovation and advancement. Each new title carries with it the obligation to provide a hook - some unique bullet point on a features list that sets the game apart from the veritable swarm of competition. What results is a digital arms race - better graphics, better multiplayer, better AI, better everything. With that, comes the expectation of the audience that a particular title is the next big thing - even if it's not.

We gamers are an excitable bunch. When a title catches our collective eye, we often set aside rationality in favor of anticipation. We shovel each trailer, screenshot, and press release into the Hype Train's boiler, further accelerating our expectations. Eventually the train reaches such a velocity that the game itself can no longer keep up, resulting in a phenomenon known as Overhype"

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syvergy3791d ago

Ugh, Spore. What a disappointment.

3791d ago Replies(2)
DlocDaBudSmoka3790d ago

Now this game ladies and gentlemen is complete TRASH. I was so hyped for this then it released and it was utter garbage.

Muggles3790d ago

"Perhaps this creature found Spore's missing features..."

JQ3790d ago

Spore certainly wasn't as good as I thought it would be.

I set it aside for the most part, but I'll still pop it open to create new creatures, or vehicles.

I think of it as an advanced Lego Set.

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