TPG Review: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure (DS)

TPG says, "Buy it. Hell, buy two!"

"When this game was originally described to me, I had no idea how it would be achieved. A 2-D platformer on the top screen, and a match-three puzzler on the bottom. It may be hard to visualize, but it got my attention. I'm glad it did. This is the first must have DS title of the year, and the best I've played since Professor Layton.

The game may be a little bit easier to explain if I try to do it only one screen at a time."

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CrAppleton3788d ago

Buy Two.. that gives you a pretty good idea that you don't want to miss this one

MacGyver133788d ago

if i had a DS i would buy this soley on the box art, if the game was good then that would just be an added bonus

Neco5123788d ago

I want me some motha f*ck!n tea time

supercharger51503788d ago

Hummm her hur hur hummmm durrr druuummm AWESOME hoo hum!! (If you've played it, you get it.)

hatchimatchi3788d ago

this game sounds awesome, anything that is compared to the greatness that is professor layton is good in my book. I think ill pick this up next week when i get paid