TeamXbox: Flock Review

Flock is a really fun game, but one with a distinctive look and style that's cartoony and caricature-ish. Everything in the world, including the beasts, look like old-style plush animal toys-sort of a pillowy velour, all hand-stitched and ready for the nearest kids to play with. The backing music is also jaunty and fun, but repetitive if you stick with it for a long time.

Frankly, the gameplay gets monotonous at times also, especially if you are trying to knock down that one remaining Gold score and have been missing by a few seconds for each try. You can skip around, so you can lessen the redundant feeling, but repetition is one of the problems you face in any puzzle-type of game like this one. Try to make the best of it.

Capcom is charging 1200 Microsoft Points (or about $15) for Flock, which isn't a bad price for all that you're given. And you can bet there'll be more puzzle packs to come out soon (though, of course, at a cost). If you want to supplement the mini puzzles, it's easy work for you and your friends to come up with unique designs in the editor.

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