Killzone 2 to get Co-Op soon on the PS3?

GB writes: "With the recent reveal of an announcement this Thursday regarding Killzone 2, many gamers have started to speculate what it could be about. The hottest rumor on the Web is around the possibility of a co-op patch coming to the game."

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PlaystationSamurai3784d ago

This would be a very nice update, and a very good addition to an amazing game indeed!

Trollimite3784d ago

resist the hype. this is obvious bullshitery.

"Killzone 2 to get Co-Op soon on the PS3?"

what other system can killzone 2 get co op on?

obvious lie. i bet someone is going to run with this. we will see another similar article later today

anh_duong3784d ago

let's hype the sh1t out of this and if it goes all tits up let's blame sony /rinse and repeat

UnwanteDreamz3784d ago

No problem with wanting co-op but the way I see it's a long shot.

Rofflecopter3784d ago

I would love Co-op, but i seriously cannot see it happening. Something like coop which, in this case, needs to be built from the ground up would take quite some time, especially if it needs to be flawless. On top of that, Killzone 2 is a technical masterpiece and placing two people in that campaign on one screen would be EXTREMELY tough on the Playstation. Not to say that it couldn't do it if it was optimized, but it would be extremely tough.

joydestroy3784d ago

but if it happend...OMFG!

you know, i wish they hadn't removed bots from ranked matches though.
i mean think about it...if you've played either of the Rainbow Six Vegas's just like the terrorist hunt mode on that. you play against the computer and are able to rank up. i think they should've just made the AI harder or something.

gaffyh3784d ago

I'd like to see it happen actually, but then what will the xbox fanboys complain about if it did happen...

3784d ago
GameGambits3784d ago

I read the article's title and auto thought it'd be a link to hiphoptard's site. Lo and behold there is other dingle berries out on the net with his peanut sized brain.

I personally hope the DLC is more carrot on the end of the stick. Extend the ranking system so it takes a good while to hit max. Give me a new trophy that is like 100,000 kills online in ranked games. A few new maps. Perhaps another game type, more classes, guns, party system, etc.

I know GG was looking at doing new maps with vehicles on them, so odds are more pointing towards that over co-op. This game didn't need it on release and doesn't need it now. It needs more cocaine addiction in its multiplayer so I come back to it already.

ThanatosDMC3784d ago

HAHHAHA! Exactly what i was thinking... Killzone 2 can be played on something else???

jaysquared3784d ago

IMO KZ2=FAIL in the multiplayer aspect of the game!


In my book that is fail for a game that was suppose to be Sonys biggest game ever! I know the game itself is great but without these features its only okay! Why weren't these features in there in the first place? Seriously this game was in development for over 4 years and supposedly had 100+ people working on it.. what were they doing the whole time other than prettying up the graphics? The controls suck and no offline/splitscreen aspect! So again KZ2=fail in my book!

pwnsause3784d ago

"The controls suck"

no, you suck. the controls are fine as it is.

IcarusOne3784d ago

If it does happen - which I'm not holding my breath for - it would give me a reason to wipe the dust off the game. Online co-op would be such a breath of fresh air to this game. Hell, I might actually enjoy the campaign for once.

And the controls don't suck, but they certainly don't rock either.

Lotard33784d ago

@1.6 They'd probably use the sales argument or something to that affect. Still seems a bit of a moot point. Wii fit isn't a fantastic game just because it sells like doughnuts at a fat kid camp, and neither is say...Okami, a bad game even thought it had poor sales. If Killzone 2 had sold just 1 copy, to me, I would still think it is a great game.

SaiyanFury3784d ago

Interesting. I decided against getting KZ2 as I'm not a huge shooter fan, but if there's campaign coop coming, I might give it a look. And that's if i don't have to pay for it.

Nineball21123784d ago

"So again KZ2=fail in my book!"

I found your book...

Tomdc3784d ago

wont be done, i stake my reputation on it! They would have to have built it initially to allow co-op. Its not something they can just throw in willy nilly. With the way they design it in a single player campaign they can effectively "cheat" with how its made in some ways. With two people they cant do this, insomniac explained this after people asked for co-op in thier single player campaign.

edgeofblade3783d ago

The fanboys claiming the game is already perfect are actually doing the game quite a disservice. There is always room for improvement, but acting like the game shouldn't change prevents positive changes from happening.

Co-op, controls, party system... these are all things that if added or improved could change the game for the better, but it won't happen if the most dedicated Killzone acolytes stick their heads in the sand just so they can claim perfection. Is winning an argument really that important to you?

jaysquared3783d ago

Dont try to talk some logic into the hardcore Sony fans who claims this game is perfect.. They might come out of their Dreamland and realise how crappy the PS3 is!

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Megaton3784d ago

Co-op would be pretty damn sweet. I mean you're with at least 1 other character for almost the entire campaign. Or maybe they'll R2 it and go separate co-op campaign.

...or maybe they won't do any co-op and people are just hyping a map pack or something.

Rofflecopter3784d ago

never really thought about online, i was thinking split screen. Online coop would be an amazing addition. i barely played R2's competitive once after the beta. Online coop is a great innovation..

s8anicslayer3784d ago

I can most def see the announcment being the addition of co-op, after that so called big announcment from sony last week being a 99$ PS2 they just can't let us down! well can you sony? Please don't!

Rofflecopter3784d ago

haha it wont be Co-op, and if it is ill buy you a 2nd ps3. Im guessing a map pack, but im really hoping for new weapons and maps in one pack.

creeping judas3784d ago

as sweet as that would be, but us as PS3 users lets not hype the crap out of this possibility to only be let down again.

blu3print3784d ago

speaking of Killzone 2 is there need to put PS3 in the title? it's the only system it's on...

Snatcher3784d ago

Remove the chin hair of the characters. It's just a game, so much for realism.


what do you mean remove the chin hair, they're men not women