Carrum - The "Grandfather of Pool" comes to the 360

The principles of Carrum are very similar to pool, snooker or billiards (without the cues). The objective is to pot all your Carrum pieces before your opponent, using skill, determination and a little bit of luck.

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DrMistry3781d ago

Hi guys,

I'm the author of Carrum, and the game is going through final pre-release testing at the moment. We hope it will be on XBox Live Marketplace for the first weekend of May. I'll let you know as and when it goes to market. It will cost 400 MS Points. I've attached the YouTube Teaser Trailer we released last week - more trailers are on the way so keep a lookout!


DrMistry3762d ago

Carrum has now been released to XBox LIVE Markertplace, and is available for 400 of your shiniest MS Points. Hope you like the game!