Is the world ready for a true Modern Warfare game? writes:

"Monday, April 6th, Konami and developer Atomic Games announced plans to release a new war-time shooter, 'Six Days in Fallujah', which will be based on real time events occurring in the war we are in now, better known as Operation 'Iraqi Freedom'.

The new game is said to take place during the second battle in Fallujah, codenamed Operation Phantom Fury which took place from November 7th, to December 23rd, 2004. According to Atomic Games president Peter Tamte, the game will follow the real life story of the Marine lead battle for central Baghdad over the course of six days.

The question, is it ok to playout scenarios in a war so recent?..."

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Majors3785d ago

Of course we are ready... After all we had a few games based on real life incidents. Medal Of Honour & Cod 1,2 & 3 to name a few are based on historical events and the fact that so many people actually learned a lot from these games without knowing. Sure beats school history lessons.. We need more games like this as it helps us understand what our soldiers went through.. Major Respect for them..

Jinxstar3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

You know I was deployed there and supported these marine groups... I am excited and worried all at the same time... I wont get into detail but... It;s not wrong but I feel there needs to be more too it then what Meerkat below says... I hope it doesn't get portrayed that way... I feel most people will mentally side with Meerkats view but I would hope most people would try and make an effort to understand the game as it is.... I feel nobody can truly appreciate it unless they have been there and I fear any dev will get it wrong... I would like people to know but like I said I'm conflicted...

Is it too early? No. Will gamers understand it? probably not. Will they appreciate it? only if it has multiplayer... These are some of my fears... if I am wrong then I will be super happy and this game will be great. I hope I am wrong but feel I am not...

Carbide73785d ago

A TRUE Modern Warfare game?
We've got Operation Flashpoint 2 and ArmA 2 to take care of that.

Rofflecopter3785d ago

A friend was shot there. I think everyone should read these stories.

I think that its a good idea, but i do not feel that devs will get everything right. I believe that it may be realistic and somewhat accurate, but I just dont want to to turn into another CoD. If they are going to replicate a conflict, they need interviews at the very least. It's gotta be real..

Raf1k13785d ago

WWII games are played out against Nazis who 99.9% of the world's population sees as being evil so those games are widely acceptable in nearly all of the world's different societies.

However, I think that a game based in a conflict in Fallujah is going to upset quite a few people. This is because not all of the Iraqi's who died actually deserved to die (unlike the Nazis). In such conflicts it is highly likely that some people would have believed Saddam's propaganda and volunteered to fight simply to protect their homes, land and way of life which they are likely to have thought was what the American led forces were trying to destroy.

Sure, I can understand the point of view of the American led forces since its pretty much kill or be killed but many people in Fallujah will have lost relatives and friends in the conflict. For these people a game such as this may be opening up old wounds they would rather not remember.

I get the feeling this game is going cause a controversy.

PrimordialSoupBase3785d ago

Infinity Ward have the capability since they've shown they have a grasp of unique storytelling methods in CoD4. What they don't have, however, is publisher that would ever let them explore that territory.

Shame, because marines versus terrorists isn't as simple as good versus evil. There are deeply troubled people on each side.

JsonHenry3785d ago

If you do not like it you do not have to buy it. So let the market decide if it is too soon or not.

GameGambits3785d ago

If anyone played Metal Gear Solid 4 there is a part where Big Mama talks about videogames and war. Videogames are videogames made for fun, and should be treated as such. When a game that comes out that borders so close to reality, then people get the wrong impression of what war really is. People enlist into the army for the perks of money, job, etc. War is something you need to sign up into in order to protect something you really care about, and know full heartidly there is real loss within it, and things a game can't give you the effect or knowledge of.

Kids play videogames so much with shooter games that they become desynthesized to war itself to think it's just a game. They think joining the army is just another game when they get deployed and don't even know what they are fighting for.

A game like this needs that part from Metal Gear Solid 4 iterated before the title screen for a while so kids get the right message.(I'm the last person to ever give a fudge about morals and stuff, but I was going to join and enlist until I played MGS4 and had that thought instilled into my head.)

Tito Jackson3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

You should see that movie valkyrie with tom cruise.
Not everyone in the Nazi party was evil.
Several assassination attempts were made on hitler by the people the german army and nazi army(yes at one time they were separate, but still under hitlers command).
anyway, it was a good movie man, check it out.

I think we should be able to play what we want. This is america, dammit. Sure it may piss off some of the extremists off, but what doesn't now-a-days? lol.

Thats a great message. Seriously it is. But considering that the Army is often a "last resort" for many young americans----the need to put food on the table, and have a bed to sleep in at night will always prevail of the morality of such a decision.

FantasyStar3785d ago

Don't you mean "desensitized". Desynthisized? WTF?

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sutton323785d ago

completely agree with you majors, of course we are "ready", to actually question it seems illogical to me... its fine for people to actually put their lives on the line and fight in wars for real, yet people cant be ready to play a simulation of that? hmmm.. ok

The Meerkat3785d ago

Lets kill those rag head M***** F*****s

San Frandisco3785d ago

hmm,i wonder if this game will get released in Iraq or be banned?

JeffGUNZ3785d ago

They are developing a game where you fly plans into buildings, this game will give people a new perspective and respect for the marines who put their life on the line day in and day out to protect our freedom. It's more of a respect/honor in a sense that it's inappropriate.

Raf1k13785d ago

'It's more of a respect/honor in a sense that it's inappropriate. '

Sorry, what???...

JeffGUNZ3785d ago

My bad, forgot "than". Suppose to say: "It's more of an honor to the marines, then a game that should be looked at as "inappropriate".

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