Exquisite DS Cake

Here is a cake that was baked to look like an exceptional Nintendo Ds system. And it does a remarkable job of looking like one.

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Rasputin20114759d ago (Edited 4759d ago )

Thats just awesome.

Edit: Great post Da Rite Feacherz because its refreshing to see a post that is unique instead of the usual "flame bait"

D R Fz4759d ago

I found this kind of entertaining in it's own, no-flaming, unique way. But it's to bad news like this never make it past 100 degrees. O well. If one gamer is happy, then i guess it's a job well done.

Hymons4759d ago

I'd most definitely have to honor this cake... By eating it with my Hands!(LOL)

There is just no other way...