PS3 hardware boss: "Blu-ray is really gaining a lot of traction for us"

VG247: SCEA hardware marketing boss John Koller has said that Blu-ray, and the public's perception of the value it brings to PS3, will be a driving factor in increased sales for the machine this year.

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lloyd_wonder3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

No doubt about it. I don't see why people view other people buying a PS3 as primarily a blu-ray player a bad thing. Blu-Ray rocks, and all I see it as is a way for Sony to tap into a larger demographic of movie lovers- who may [or may not] have kids that would enjoy the multifaceted PS3 as a games machine or as the best multimedia machine out. An unmatched value at $299.99.

Also, doesn't hurt that the PS3 is still considered to be the best blu-ray player out. Blu-ray is only getting bigger in the US, and Sony will take advantage of this uptake once they lower the price of the PS3.

So, whenever someone says that they only use their PS3 as a blu-ray player, don't think of it as a negative- think of it as all apart of Sony's grand plan :)

anh_duong3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

i think blu-ray is now the golden goose for sony and not the ps3. so many people i know are buying blu-ray players (not just sony ones) and discs..

this probably explains the reluctance of sony to cut the price of the ps3 - sony earning lots of licensing fees as blu-ray becomes the golden goose.

however, the sony head honcho said that a ps3 45n model is coming in june hence i expect a price cut during that period i.e. summer.

the bold 15% increase in sales forecast can only be achieved with a price cut hence there will be a cut in summer unless the yen strengthens drastically.

Hallucinate3788d ago

if that thin about the pricecut is true..i hihgly doubt it would come in summer i mean there ganna wanna milk the ps3 for a bit before dropping the say around late fall there ganna be a price cut

anh_duong3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )


"replacing the current 65 nanometre Cell chip with a 45 nanometre one probably in [the] middle of [the] year." sony rees

by the summer i mean up to september

but there is another more recent article during gdc09 which sony mentions introducing a new chip in jun09

Hallucinate3787d ago

i know what your saying...but theres no way as soon as the 4nm is done there ganna drop the price.. there going to milk it abit first untill the holiday rush comes in

Lucreto3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

They can't cut the price as the PS3 is competing in a different market at the same time.

If you cut the PS3 price companys like sharp or sansung will complain as they can't lower the price and they will lose sale. In an extreme they will stop producing players and slow the uptake in the format.

I got 2 PS3 and a Sony player. I am lucky as my governments budget yesterday has raped me and I am still walking funny.

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Droid Control3788d ago

The studios really need to get behind it. I can't find any of the old classics on blu-ray, and when i do, they haven't even had audio/picture restoration. Its basically the DVD on a BLu-ray disc for double the money...

Too_Hyped3788d ago

I don't know what you're talking about since EVERY major studio now releases their movies on blueray. Have you been living in a cave since last year ?

I prefer HDDVD though. Just kidding.

redsquad3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

This is true. I tend to only buy older films and TV series on disc, yet only recent stuff seems to be getting the 'digital restoration' treatment for Blu-Ray.

The notion of a set of classic Hammer Horror films restored to maximum clarity on the format is something I could really get excited about, but as I can't see it happening for quite some time I have stick with DVD (which my PS3 also plays, of course!)

@Too Hyped, above

Yes, the studios are backing Blu-Ray, but they seem to be concentrating on getting their blockbuster titles out for now. It makes sense for 'casual' buyers I suppose, but hopefully time will see archive material getting the treatment.

patlike3788d ago

It's not even that I don't want to. I just download everything.

lloyd_wonder3787d ago

That's cool, but blu-ray is all about the detail. I don't watch any DVDs or online stuff because I can get the better experience on my setup with blu-ray.

Right now, people would look at me strange if I said I still game on a tube television. It'll be the same with blu-ray soon.

Bnet3433787d ago

Yeah same here, I don't really care for Blu-ray movies. I haven't seen a single movie in blu-ray on my PS3. Just care for the games really. :/

patlike3788d ago

you can't really do much better. HD-DVD saw to that.

GiantEnemyCrab3787d ago

It's definately a nice feature of the PS3. However, out of the few people I know that have moved to Blu-ray they are all buying stand alone players.

Currently own 1 Blu-ray for my PS3 and that is Dark Knight.

Mighty Healthy3787d ago

For only having one Blu-Ray movie, that's a very good movie to own. I still haven;t bought it yet though.

iHEARTboobs3787d ago

Dark Knight
No Country For Old Men
Planet Earth!
Top Gun (yes, it's cheesy but it's still awesome!)
Resevoir Dogs
Band of Brothers (The HBO mini series)
I want more!
Luckily i was able to get good deals on all of these.

xabmol3787d ago

I love the Discovery, National Geo, Animal Planet, channels.

Plus when I was looking for my HDTV I saw it on every TV and was like "ZOMG!!" So I had to get it. Besides David Attenborough rocks. xD

GiantEnemyCrab3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Thanks for the suggestions. I am planning on adding some more to my collection and will check those out. I've only had my PS3 for a few months so I just haven't gotten around to buying movies for it yet. Too much game playing not much movie watching.

I would recommend Dark Knight, it's a great Blu-ray. I just wish they had more Heath Ledger/Joker behind the scenes stuff. For being such a powerful character in the film they seem to of held back a lot of his behind the scenes and off camera stuff.

iHEARTboobs3787d ago

They should have added more special features to the Dark Knight. I think it was rushed out like a lot of other movies, hence the lack of special features one would have hoped for. I wouldn't be surprised though if they released another edition in the future.

I havn't gotten around to watching as many movies as I use to because I am busier with the GF, work and gaming. But when i do it's good to watch something in HD and on my surround sound. Oh and I just got Iron Man right now for $15 on amazon. I saw it playing at best buy and it looked awesome on blu-ray so I had to get it.

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