Women dominate the PC scene

Rob Crossley from Edge writes:

"Females aged between 25 and 54 make up the largest group of PC gamers.
That was one of the many conclusions found in a new report from media analysis group Nielsen.

In December last year, females in the 25-54 age bracket accounted for around 29 percent of all PC players, while males in the same age category accounted for just over twenty percent."

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JsonHenry3787d ago

Not that it really matters, but I don't believe it.

Gorgon3787d ago

There's far more people playing puzzle games, majhong and poker flash games on the PC than RTSs or FPSs. Not surprising at all.

JsonHenry3786d ago

You are right I suppose. I know a lot of women that play those types of games.

Tempist3786d ago

The defination of 'PC gamer' needs to be explained. If I play a web flash game, am I a PC gamer more so or less than a person playing wow or a Total War game?

SaiyanFury3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

Since most of the games being played are built in Microsoft card games, it kind of takes the edge off that "Women dominate the PC scene" title. No doubt they play a lot of games, Lord knows my wife loves boggle over the web. Does that make her a gamer that spends hours upon hours playing? Nope.

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shotgunkiwi3787d ago


Casual Gaming (Zuma - Bejewelled etc)
and World of Warcraft

Megaton3787d ago

When you factor in The Sims, it's highly plausible. Damn near every girl I've ever met as played The Sims at one point in their life.

Awookie3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

25-54 age range tho? I never see any women that age play games.

alphabet3786d ago

Then you've probably never seen a woman.

table3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

uumm, where are you guys from? I dont know any woman who plays computer games. None of my female friends play computer games. I can only imagine woman playing computer games if they are ugly nerds. Keep on kidding yourself if you like, maybe you'll meet the woman of your dreams on WoW...

Megaton3786d ago

Clearly you two dim bulbs know me, and every female in the world.

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dirthurts3786d ago

I know a lot of girls who diddle around on online card games, and puzzles. I know only one who plays quake live...
which the numbers where better. So hard to find cool girls who game...

timmyrulz3786d ago

I know loads of women who play online..... it costs £4.99 per hour to watch :)

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