120° launches the hottest Trophies listings ever

On the 6th of April, unveiled their PlayStation Trophy database. Featuring both English and Dutch versions of trophies in a luxurious layout. New trophies are added very quickly, as the database is being updated semi-automatically. At the moment the database contains the most complete English and Dutch collection of trophies out there, with 110 games and over 3700 trophies. To keep a readable collection all non-English (JP) trophies are filtered out until they've received a language update, and any double versions (US & EU) are filtered as well.

Hidden trophies are completely spoiler free and can be easily revealed per trophy or all at once. Another interesting experimental addition is the 3D Trophy Wall, which serves as an alternate 3D navigation of the latest games that received trophies (Think Apple's 3D video wall). The database is linked to the site' game database and members collections, and more features will be implemented in the future.

- Switch easily between English and Dutch versions of trophies where available (Exclusive)
- Spoiler free, hidden trophies are obscured until you reveal them
- Trophy lists will show which trophies are required to get the Platinum Trophy
- Most complete English collection (No really, see Trash Box(Gomibako), Aquanaut's Holiday and Demon Souls) ;)

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TimmehPS33786d ago

It's just plain awesome!

Bren863786d ago

wow another trophy site

sinncross3786d ago

ill just stick to the uk playstation setup.

xXSilentXx3786d ago

wow this is a one sexy one men, soo complete too! awsumeness!

Kingsora3786d ago

hehe yea it ownzz, they done a great job over there :)

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