VideoGamer Review: Burn Zombie Burn

VG writes:

"Despite being a game from a small developer (although Doublesix was formed by Kuju) Burn, Zombie, Burn looks pretty smart too. Models are basic and the maps are small, but the number of zombies on screen gets ridiculous at times, and there's plenty of variety meaning you're not always facing off against your bog-standard lurching undead goon. Audio work is solid too, if a bit too cheesy at times, and the soundtrack is likely to stick in your head for quite a while.

Available for £6.29 Burn, Zombie, Burn is easy to recommend. The non-twin-stick controls won't be for everyone, but once you've got to grips with the system Doublesix has created there's no end of fun to be found here. With enough depth to keep you coming back for weeks, if not months down the line, high score junkies won't be disappointed."

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