Gears 2: Match-making problems were "growing pains," says Fergusson

VG247: Gears of War 2 executive producer Rod Fergusson has told VG247 that match-making issues with the title's multiplayer - which initially saw game-breaking waits to access games on Live - were the result of "growing pains" and treading new ground in terms of scale.

"The match-making problems we had at the beginning of Gears 2 were really just growing pains," he said.

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PotNoodle3790d ago

I'm actually matchmaking as i speak :p - still slower than other games, but it isn't bad. Trying to get back into gears 2 now all the issues have been fixed. (Mostly)

AAACE53790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The matchmaking for Gears 2 was so bad that I bought it at launch and quit trying to play online because I would have to wait for about 30 minutes to get in a game. I just started playing it again in february, and now have to wait 5-10 minutes.

Keep in mind that I also have alot of people on my blocked/ignore list, so that could be contributing to the waits as well. I haven't really experienced too much lag though. I hear some people complain about lag, but i've never really noticed it.

PotNoodle3790d ago

The long wait times is what made me give up on the game too at first, but i do like the game so i'm giving it another chance now that most of the major issues have been fixed.


Gears of Lag is a good game but the lag is killing it!

GameOn3790d ago

Wall tags and smoke knock down are what really kills it. Lag isn't so bad any more.

ShabzS3790d ago

the wall tags are fun ... for strategic purposes.. i mean in blood drive ... its really helpful in covering the doors with smoke tags and shooting away from the window... its fun and helpful when you use it right

II Necroplasm II3790d ago

In Gears of War 3 make the game without the annoying poison grenades and flashbangs for the smoke grenades and also speed up the gameplay and character movement like the first one and have it more brutal than ever than both Gears of War games of course :)

love Necroplasm.

JeffGUNZ3790d ago

They are not flash grenades, they are smoke-concussion grenades, which is worse. I would rather be flashed then knocked on my a$$ for 3 seconds. Man, that's the cheapest way to get a kill, haha.

II Necroplasm II3790d ago

3 seconds knocked on your arse is the minimum lol

JeffGUNZ3790d ago

Yeah man hahah, I think instead of a shotgun, they should just start you out with a sleeping bag, because half the damn match your laying on your back...God forbid a smoke grenade goes off while you're on a flight of stairs. Nothing like watching Carmine slowly and gracefully glide down a full set of stairs.

mistajeff3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

It's amazing how much better service you get for any game on PC when it costs nothing. What threw me off about Gears 2 is how much worse it is than the 1st. I never even considered the multiplayer when I rented it. At least Gears 1 had an even flow to it that made the gameplay appeal to me on a casual level, I actually considered the multiplayer for it (but it wasn't enough to make me buy Live). Still, for an online gaming community where each member pays $40-50 a year for the service, these kind of problems are unacceptable. With that many resourced devoted directly to Live, MS should be stepping in and helping them sort these issues out. They also need to ditch the P2P system, I did me a free month of Live and was astounded at the lag in call of duty when running on a good connection.

witchking3790d ago

The match-making still sucks. There are too many games where a lower ranked player is stuck playing against a group of players who live on Xbox Live. And 1 out of every 5 games is so lag-ridden that you have to quit out... of course, Gears doesn't make quitting out of a game easy either; you actually have to go back to the freakin' dashboard and then re-boot the game.

mistajeff3790d ago

wow, that's a pain in the ass. i didn't know you couldn't just quit normally.

JeffGUNZ3790d ago

The game searches by true skill still, not by the experience rank next to your name. You could be the worst player in the world, but play 10 hours a day and still rank up, even if you lost every game. You might be a 10, your opponent a 40, but your true skill rank might be higher. They still use the true skill, but it's hidden and all you see is an experienced based rank. The lag is MUCH better then it was, still there, probably 1 out of 5 games have a lag, but not to the point I had to quit. I didn't like TU3 at first, but after several games I feel the game is finally balanced and fun.

All they need to do is put Gears 3 on dedicated servers, because host advantage still is ridiculous.

DARK WITNESS3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

the host advantage you get with gears is not just a lag issue. I use to think it was, till i played gears 1 at a LAN event. everyone thought all the lag and host crap would go away on lan, and guess what... it didn't.

infact i saw some of the worst crap and glitches going on. It was at that point i made up my mind i was not playing gears 1 anymore. I had hopes it would be fixed with gears2, cos i heard they were going to fix it.

When it came out, i got it on midnight launch, took it home and jumped online. I played online for about 30min and took the disc out. then i went back to playing Dead Space.

I am not a network or Techie type of person per say, i won't pretend to know, because i don't. The problem with gears is more then just the usual online lag. COD4 gets lag, halo 3 gets lag.... gears of war its bigger then just lag.

thats what i think anyway.

GameOn3790d ago

No quit out is ridiculous. Epic Nazis.

JeffGUNZ3790d ago

Yeah, I totally hear you man. I have never played a game where I get so frustrated and angry then when I play Gears. The amount of times you die and then say "what? Are you kidding me?" is countless. Last night I had the torque bow some guy ran around the corner, swung, missed me, and while he was in the motion of missing me while swing and I was behind him, I just exploded, showing the symbol of the shotty as the way I died. It was sudden death, so there wasn't anyone behind me. It's the problem with the lag, I was playing about 2 seconds behind what he was actually playing. bologna. Most of the other games I played after that rarely lagged, but I know what your saying, somethings that happen in this game are so unexplainable.

ShabzS3790d ago

yah even i was freaked when i realized i couldnt quit between the match.. but hell it pisses me off when i start out horde with 5 and midway of wave 8 there are only 3 playing... so they implemented the no quit thing in hope of keeping u in the game... anyways i sign out and sign back in to quit a match

bloop3790d ago

Just signing out of your profile and back in again brings you to the title screen. A lot quicker than going back to the dash. I think they've fixed practically everything now and I'm really enjoying it. Match making doesn't take long at all. Sometimes there is lag, but it all depends on what time you're playing. Because it searches by region now, obviously if you're playing late at night when everyone in your region is offline/in bed, you'll get connected to a game with the lowest ping which could be on the other side of the planet because no one near you is playing, hence lag.

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