Salo vs. Melo in Forza Motorsport 2 at Sebring

Risi Competitione's drivers Mika Salo and Jaime Melo sat behind the wheel of Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 2 this past weekend before hitting the track for the 12 hours at Sebring. Their lap times were impressively close to the real thing, and drivers being drivers, their smack talk was too.

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JOLLY14759d ago

I cannot wait for this game. I already have 2 360's, 2 identical HDTV's and the wireless racing wheel. I just need one more and the set up will be complete! Oh, I might need to get a rear view monitor also. I love that you can do 6 screens on this game!

BrotherSic4759d ago

this whole story is pretty cool, it also worked out well with the guy playing Forza 2 then getting the fastest lap in qualifing. To win the race as well is pretty nice as well ;)

After the first game been amazing I am certain this game will get 9's everywhere. The only problem i can see anyone mentioning are the limited amount of tracks but its not something i am worrying about.

I wonder how long it would take Melo or Selo to post lap times that are the same as in real life

JOLLY14759d ago

You do realize that every track has many different ribbons right? There are (I think) 40ish tracks...that's plenty....for me at least.

BrotherSic4759d ago

45 'tracks' from 12 'environments'

so i suppose thats not too bad but could be better, there is going to be alot of reverses. Just hope they keep the drag racing, loved that feature