Popmatters Review: Madworld

Popmatters writes:

"If anything MadWorld is actually better on a second play. You know the levels, what needs doing, and you can skip the cutscenes. The uninterrupted violence is far more immersive and motivates you to look for ever more bloody ways of bludgeoning these goons to death. Thus, though the game is not the unqualified success that I was hoping for, MadWorld gets many things right: awe inspiring visuals, a competently told story, a great script, solid voice acting and music, and a deep combat system that rewards imagination and skill. Platinum Games have thrown the rule book out the window; and they hope to make this into a series of games (who knows maybe we'll actually see full blown versions of Man Darts and Man Golf?). For that to happen, though, you, dear reader, need to get your wallet out. It's no good complaining about a dearth of great, original, core games on the Wii and then ignoring the ones that come along and are clearly trying to entertain. Unless you want all titles on the Wii to be about animals, babies, and fitness, then get out there and vote with your currency of choice. Just remember that any game that can piss off both the left and right wing without breaking a sweat needs to be in your collection."

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