Xbox 360 Achievements Done Right

Examiner: I just wrapped up Wanted: Weapons of Fate for the Xbox 360, which was a very short endeavor. There aren't a lot of good things to say about the game, but I will say this: it had a few cool achievements. I realize that "a few cool achievements" doesn't sound like a massive upside, and it's not.

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Twizlex3787d ago

Maybe I'll check that game out. I like creative achievements and the one in CoD you mentioned was one I enjoyed too because I'm a sick bastard.

Milk is for Babies3787d ago

Sweet, another easy game to pad my gamerscore! And I don't like when achievements are TOO creative. I prefer easy ones because I'm lazy and don't want to play the same level 3 times and crap.

Sandwich Bender3787d ago

Well, yeah, everyone loves that! And the game really was great for padding your gamerscore, as you can get achievements for beating each level on the three difficulty modes.

herkules3786d ago

I love padding my gamerscore but nothing will ever beat avatar the last airbender for that!!!

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Vault Boy3787d ago

I don't know, I kinda like achievements for beating a level.

Sandwich Bender3787d ago

I'm not completely opposed to them, they just seem a little lazy to me. Although I'm usually fine with it if they're couple with some creative achievements.

h0tz0rz3787d ago

I like level achievements because it helps you track your progress in the game and other people can tell how far you've gotten by looking at your achievement list.

Sandwich Bender3787d ago

I was talking to a friend earlier and he brought up the same point about friends being able to see how far you've gotten in game, and it is a good point.

IdleLeeSiuLung3787d ago

There should be better ways to track a person's progress in game than achievement. However, I like the fact that I'm more inclined to finish a game if I get achievement, because it feels unfinished if I didn't get that "completed game" achievement.

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timmyrulz3787d ago

For me the best game with finely balanced achievements has to be crackdown, each achievement was fun and enhanced the gameplay without it p1ssing you off and you can get them without doing things that you normally wouldnt do in a game i.e doing a level only using a knife etc
Plus it was a brilliant game to boot

Twizlex3787d ago

Yeah, you're right. I forgot about that game. I must admit though that the agility orbs really pissed me off. I'm still sitting there after all this time with one measly orb to find and I can't help but think it's a glitch because I've looked everywhere.

timmyrulz3787d ago

Thats so funny, i still have one green orb to find, i have tried to follow all of the green agility races but i find the one on the central tower a pain in the arse, thats where i reckon my missing green orb is

Firstkn1ghT3787d ago

I personally like the multiplayer achievements.

caffman3787d ago

it makes it that some people will glich just to get them

Sandwich Bender3787d ago

I like multiplayer achievements too, but Caffman's right. A lot of people will alter their playing style just to earn a certain achievement, which somewhat ruins the experience.

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