Silent Hill 5 Rumors

A forum poster notorious for having inside information about the Silent Hill game series has posted some new details on the TXB forums. What platforms, what dev team, and what gameplay format are all commented on.

FamoAmo6181d ago

Wow all the ps3 titles are on the 360!! Sweet!!

Swe_Goliath6181d ago

time to get scared agein then... weee :D

RealDoubleJ6181d ago

Or has that been handed over to an american team? The news will definitely upset my diehard SH fan-friend (who is still trying to get over the carwreck that was the film) but it could be worse. They could of given it to the Forbidden Siren team!

Arsenic136181d ago

Ur friend must be crazy, the movie rocked! When is 2,3,& 4 going to backwards compatible? Sharon !!!!!

shoota336181d ago (Edited 6181d ago )

what titles are you talking about fanboy because silent hill already was a multiplatform game so STFU.

FamoAmo6181d ago

I thought it was an original PS title beatch so you STFU!! [email protected] I know your just pissed b/c you have been wasting your time waiting for the slow loader ps3!!

shoota336181d ago

Yeah tipical response from a dumbass that was just proven wrong.

The_Firestarter6181d ago

Noooooo! SH5 BETTER BE AWESOME! What I mean is that, SH2 and SH3 were the coolest and sH4 was a bit of a let down, I was dissapointed. It wasn't as fun as the other two or as scary. If SH5 is going in development with a different team,then aaalll I hope for is that they know what they're f'n doing. Do you guys remember the crisis with Devil May Cry 2!? After DMC came out, I played it, and IT WAS GREAT. When news came out about DMC2 I was crazed out, but when it came out, the game just SUCKED MAJOR ARSE! And then a bit later I came to find out that DMC2 was made by a DIFFERENT development team, and then the original creators of DMC had to come back and redeem Dante's name with DMC3, in which was a superb game! The point is, if you take the ORIGINAL developers away and send in a new batch of developers, the game may, (I'm saying MAY) be a total let down. And then it would be SH6 that will give it back it's dignity. And yes,I KNOW I KNOW, they're rumors! But I thinks it's ironic that most of the rumors that I think are true, are true or will come to pass.

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