Secrets on official MAG website

The official website for MAG has just launched, and it's definitely hiding some secrets!

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Sarcasm3789d ago

Cant wait for some in-game videos or something at E3

GameGambits3789d ago

This game has massive potential. I just hope it has more addictiveness than Killzone 2 did for me. Killzone 2 for me merits like a 9.5 out of 10, and that .5 mark off is simply boredom in playing it online now. There isn't a carrot at the end of the stick for me anymore once I got the Platinum trophy.

Sounds odd, but a 10 thousand online kills trophy/achivement or hundreds of ranks to keep going through will keep me there just for small internet bragging rights amongst friends lol.

While zipper didn't touch Socom Confrontation if you look at that games Trophy list you see months worth of playing to get the platinum.

Dedicated servers are also a must. I think I mention that 20934092 times a day on here and other places. :P

Panthers3789d ago

Socom also does not get boring nearly as quick as games like KZ2 because it is not respawn. Respawn games get boring really fast. And since KZ2 had you rank up really fast, it got boring even faster. I personally did not like the online at all. But single player was great.

Still, I am sticking with Socom Confrontation. MAG looks iffy. Hope it turns out great though.

Ghoul3789d ago

respawn has nothing to do with the choice of perspektive but with the gamemode.

ever played counterstrike ? no tps can match the tacticle depth of cs on a clanmatch where every dead teammember can decide win/loss.

Panthers3789d ago

Personally I am not excited for this game. Zippers last 2 games were garbage and I hated the screens shown for this (if they are MAG screens). This game will be another boring fragfest if this game is respawn. And it wont be tactical if it is a FPS. But I will wait for more info before losing all hope.

Ghoul3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

"And it wont be tactical if it is a FPS"

i STRONGLY disagree with that claim, a tps is far less tactical then an fps. But if you considers magically seeing around corners because of the third person camera is tactic ... well i disagree, just because you have enough time to savely cower behind cover without ever exposing anything of you but still beeing able to see the enemys, and blindfiring them as they approach you, doesnt make it tacticle.

Nothing beats a sniper that is exposed to enemy fire but has his surrounding so perfectly in sight that anyone showing bits of theyre bodies get the high caliber before they can eliminate the sniper= pure win

Noting beats a clanmatch in an fps where people are on a headset and have a dedicated team tactics.


the extra time thinking about what to do next that you get in some tps games while hiding behind a wall using the magic corner eye to observe the battlefield without showing your head to the enemy, is not tactic. It just slows down the pace of gameplay, wich isnt neceseraly tacticle but slow, just because many people cant adept teamtactics on fps games (also on tps but most ignore that fact) doesnt mean that an fps is automaticly a fragfest.

it really seams you never played a fps in a clan or at least a working team with headset, with a dedicated leader organising the teams strategies.

Shane Kim3789d ago

And that is why it MUST stay in FP mode since I HATE it when you can magically see around corners.

Cenobia3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

I agree that 3ps is better for tactical gameplay. The fact that you can peak around corners makes it that way. You have to move from cover to cover, always being careful of your surroundings. It slows the game down quite a bit. I love MGO for that reason, although the cheating kind ruined that game for me.

There might be a way to tactically appraoch fps, but I haven't really seen it (although I've never been in a clan). No matter how many corners you check people are still just going to run out in the open and take your head off. What makes CS tactical is the flashbangs and smoke grenades. Without those it'd be an AWP fest even more often then it already is.

I'm not saying this game will be bad or anything, I just agree that it won't be as tactical. It still looks awesome though.

Edit: BTW, wasn't this game announced as a third person shooter? I could have sworn it was.

Ghoul3789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

cenobia your mixing things up

what you mean is not tps or fps, your talking about slow paced coversystem games, thats why i mentioned the coversystem of killzone2 singleplayer, if that would be in the multiplayer it would slow down the game play dramaticly.

the tactic gameplay your talking of is only based on coversystems, not the choice between tps and fps

oh an if you want to play a REAL tactic game install operation flashpoint THAT is a tactic game, we planned hours ahead before playing some maps on hard.

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Ghoul3789d ago

i accidently read the current forum for mag.

HORRIBLE, whiners haters flamers, everyone has an opinion about a game we dont know nothing about then some early screens.

maybe we can wait until we at least saw some gameplay ?


Are they gonna have 256 testers for this game? ;)

Ghoul3789d ago

well a normal closed beta test is easily around 500 people for mmo games (wich mag is), but with the sony underground people participating in betas its around a few thousands and you can expect an open beta with 10k+ players too.

an open beta is very crucial for this game so its 99% sure an open beta or at least an early demo with around 2 months runtime would arrive before.

-x.Red.x-3789d ago

i posted this yesterday and it didn't get approved

Cenobia3789d ago

Are you sure you didn't post it tommorow, and then drove your car back to today?

You have to be careful speeding in that thing.

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