Ghostcrawler Respondes to Balance Questions

Ghostcrawler has appeared on the forums answering (or re-answering, as he says) a few concerns about the balance of the game. Most of his answer is about PvP: he says that Death Knights and Holy Pallies are overpowered, but that while Blizzard does believe there are more imbalances, debate is still raging about exactly where they are. And he does say that while burst damage is still a concern, he feels that Blizzard did a lot to combat that when they started Season 5, and that the bigger concern now is getting mana pools under control.

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nightelfmohawk3789d ago

Blizzard's way of balancing is to play musical chairs and rotate which class(es) gets to be OP for a while.

kwicksandz3789d ago

Its rogues and hunters that are OP and not DK IMO. Season 5 was a joke and should have not counted toward arena gear.

JeepGamer3789d ago

There is no way anyone with any sort of objectivity could possibly claim that Death Knights are not overpowered and while Rogues were absolutely stupid for a very long time they've recent been reduced at least to some degree.

All Blizzard does is screw up one class and overpower another one in a never ending stream of stupid.