The Bitbag: GTA IV: The Lost And Damned Review

The Bitbag writes: "The Lost and Damned puts you in the shoes of Johnny Klebitz, the Vice President of the Alderney Lost MC chapter. Billy Grey, the chapter's President, has been in rehab for a year. During this year Johnny has made truces with many gangs throughout Liberty City, enabling the Lost to become one of the bigger gangs in the city. As soon as Billy gets out of rehab all hell breaks loose because he wants to shoot first and ask questions later. This creates tension between Billy and Johnny, this tension serves as the main plot throughout the rest of the story. GTAIV's storyline gets tied in beautifully and seamlessly and in turn adds more to Niko's story. Ever wonder who kidnapped Roman? Or who that biker you killed for Faustin really was? All these questions are answered, creating a feeling of a bigger world within Liberty City."

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