Capcom: Monster Hunter The "Best Game You'll Ever Play On PSP"

With the upcoming release of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Capcom's Colin Ferris stated that the latest game in the hot-selling Monster Hunter franchise will be "the best game you'll ever play on the PSP."

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axeru7773790d ago

to play with 3 other people

PotNoodle3790d ago

Not a monster hunter fan.. so.. god of war: chains of olypmus keeps that title for me :)

ThanatosDMC3790d ago

You should try Monster Hunter... the learning curve (difficulty) at first is very steep... but that's just how it is. When you get to G-rank or the transition from low rank to high rank quest... they're completely on different levels.

Even with the strongest armors.... G-rank monsters are deadly, if you're not careful.

jkhan3790d ago

Kratos says hi to everyone. But yeah can't wait for Monster Hunter too:P

badz1493790d ago

it's selling like crazy but MH games on PSP are far from the best on it! there are a lot more with GTA LCS & VCS, GoW CoC, R&C SM, Daxter and a lot more I can't name them all! maybe MH is just not my cup of tea!

adlt3790d ago

I agree it's an amazing game, would be even better if it had online so I wouldn't have to use Ad-Hoc party or Kai to play with other people.

KillaManiac3790d ago

will we have Ad-Hoc party by the time this game is released NA wise?

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