VGC Review: The Godfather II

VGC writes: "With The Godfather II being considered one of the greatest movie sequels of all time, EA has a lot to live up to in its video game sequel of the same name. The opening sequence starts you off at Hymen Roth's birthday party in Cuba during the final days of Fulgencio Batista's rule. As these key scenes from the movie unfold, reminding the player of the major plot and characters, it will become obvious to the more astute Godfather fans that the game is taking a few liberties not only in its scene selection but in some cases even the order and details of the events. The changes are at least somewhat necessary though, as the new character- the player-controlled Dominic - has a fairly sizable role to play in the plot, appearing in numerous key scenes from the film. The basic point of a given scene always remains intact, and the changes actually keep the scenes interesting, even for those who may have the originals memorized."

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