PlayStation 3: Buy it Now - Resistance Is Futile

Let's not beat around the bush here. AU$999.95 is a fair chunk of change, by anyone's standards… Unless you're Richie Rich (but then that kid owns his own McDonalds, so we can safely assume he has a gold plated, diamond studded PS3 in each one of his 15 en suite bathrooms already, if we're going to go in that direction.)

The PlayStation 3 ain't cheap – that's for certain. With that thousand dollars, you could buy 307 Big Macs. Or go see Epic Movie 100 times. You could even buy yourself 300 Mr. Men books – despite the fact that there were only 43 of them (though you could always buy 7 copies of each… Mr. Greedy!) Of course, this is all just a roundabout way of saying: Yes, it's a lot of money. We know. The price hasn't changed since it was announced last year, and if you thought it was too expensive then, you're not going to suddenly think it's a steal now. Inflation doesn't work that fast.

The point is that it's all about value. 307 Big Macs is a lot of meat… Well, it's not that much meat. But is it of equivalent value to a next-generation gaming experience?

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FordGTGuy5240d ago

Wait i'm still sitting on my ass not giving a crap about buy one. I guess resistance and the thought of not wanting one works anyway.

spacetoilet5239d ago (Edited 5239d ago )

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M$ SHILL^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^