Final Fantasy XIII Demo to Feature Two Modes

Famitsu Interview Delves into Final Fantasy XIII Demo Details.

Some new news on this wonderful evening, this time from the latest issue of Famitsu Magazine (lots of interviews nowadays huh, year of Final Fantasy XIII anyone?), this time we delve into some details with the battle system, including controls.

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Zeus Lee3783d ago

Put this under the Ps3 section only,the game is Multi but the Demo is-apparently-only on Ps3.

Bebedora3783d ago

True that, but the game is multi- and new things happening to it is related to all interested in the game. There are non-platform specifics in the article

Danja3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

yes while this game is Multi - so far we know the Demo is PS3 exclusive , so it really doesn't need to be in the 360 section , because it will just turn into a flame contest...

even though the latter will happen anyways :)

my point proven by Shadow Troll below who contributed nothing at all to the topic....XD

3783d ago
El_Colombiano3783d ago

Getting a little defensive there, aren't ya shadow?

Domenikos3783d ago

That was a smart move ;)

On topic... please SE please SE dont screw FFXIII... please DONT

Fox013783d ago

On topic : Square said the Demo isn't using the PS3's full potential but the final game will.
Can't wait for this and VS. 2010/2011(ouch) is going to be sweet.

ThanatosDMC3783d ago

I'm kinda hoping it plays like Kingdom Hearts... but that's just me. For me Kingdom Hearts was innovative with RPG combat that was suppose to be a JRPG.

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Shadow Man3783d ago

throw some money at square so they can make the demo available for the 360.

Gue13783d ago

How could they make a demo available for the X360 if they haven't even started porting the game? lol

Square's probably still trying to figure out a way to fit the game into less than 5 discs... LoL lol

dimitry213783d ago

i cant wait to get my demo copy wowowowowowow

VEct3783d ago

Yeah, so I'm thinking that each mode will be worth 45 minutes of gameplay? (Lightning and Snow respectively)

Hey Dimitry21 are you Mercy0001 from the other site you go on?

DNAgent3783d ago

The demo will feature 2 modes which will show how mediocre the full game will actually be. I'm hoping FF13 really will be their "FINAL" fantasy. But of course it won't be because there are still kids who still buy FF games on the name alone despite it sucking. Then reviews will be good like GTA4 out of fear of backlash and people will act like the game is good as they try and convince themselves that they didn't waste money on yet another mediocre RPG (when they did).

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The story is too old to be commented.