Gamer Generation Pays a Heavy Price in Iraq

When compiling the daily news for GamePolitics, GP relies in part on an extensive set of automated Google News searches. Based on certain keywords, our Google searches occasionally turn up news of a soldier or Marine killed in Iraq.

That's not really the type of news that fits with GamePolitics' journalistic mission, so it doesn't normally appear here. But in reading such stories, they do note the frequency with which friends and relatives of deceased military personnel mention that their loved one enjoyed video games. Not too surprising, really, given the relatively youthful demographics of soldiers and gamers alike.

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Violater4758d ago

Sad indeed.
So much more going on in the world, so much we take for granted.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4757d ago

brave young women and men have too die before President IDIOT decides enough is enough?
IMO these people do not deserve FREEDOM!

Bring our troops HOME NOW.