Square Enix: FFXIII Needs Ten Times The Success Of Smaller Titles

Kotaku writes: "Eagerly awaited multi-platform title Final Fantasy XIII has been five years in the making. Five years is a long time and not cheap. The pressure must be tremendous.

"You're right there is an unusual sort of pressure on Final Fantasy XIII," the game's producer Yoshinori Kitase tells EDGE magazine. "I'd say we need this game to have ten times the success of these smaller titles."

Ten? Doesn't Kitase mean THIRTEEN TIMES THE SUCCESS?! Continuing, he adds, "But I don't think that means we've compromised in terms of the game design or creativity in any way."

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gerol3784d ago

well good luck! bwahahaha

Leio3784d ago

Then why not trying to make ´em 10 times better first