G4TV: Meet The Feed: Billy Berghammer - Director, Gaming Editorial

G4TV writes: "This month, we decided to give you a little behind the scenes at what makes tick, and every few days we'll be featuring an interview with a member of our staff. Since Sessler was too busy doing his hair and cashing his Microsoft paychecks (bribes, whatever), we decided that each of us on the team would interview each other. Since I'm the newest member of the G4 family, I decided to start things off. So here we go….

Originally, I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and had lived there for the majority of my life. For the last 10-plus years I lived in Minneapolis, but was generally (not) lovingly called Sconnie, because there's this strange rivalry between Wisconsinites and Minnesotans. I think they're just jealous because we have a much better football team. (Go Packers!)"

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