GameSpy: The Godfather II Review

In the end, The Godfather II comes off as a project whose reach far exceeds its grasp. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the game in concept, and done properly, it would easily have established it as a classic on par with the film on which it's based. Instead you get brilliant concepts ham-handedly executed. All GameSpy could think of after finishing the game was poor Fredo standing in the house in Nevada whining, "I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!" Respect has to be earned, and The Godfather II doesn't even come close.

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panasonic233789d ago

lol and hiphopgamer said this crap is way better then gta 4.

daredevil4543789d ago

I guess a rent for this game is in order before a purchase to see if this game sucks or these ratings are bias.