Konami announce Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

Konami says Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, due for release this spring, will boast the "most exhaustive raft of new features in the series' history".

The publisher claims that these additions, which reportedly cover every single aspect of the game, will combine to make it "the most realistic football simulation available".

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TheColbertinator3785d ago

OMG Megaton announcement!


sonarus3785d ago

Does PES usually release in Spring?

jromao3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

If 2009 is very good, 2010 seems awesome, let's put the pre-orders asap.

More complete press release info here:

Fox013785d ago

I just hope the game is good this time. PES hasn't been good since PES 6 (still better than any Fifa though).

Disccordia3785d ago

PES4 was the last good one imo, although last year was the first time FIFA got my money instead.

GVON3785d ago

let's see if the 2-3 years of production have payed off.

but something worried me

“We aim to make PES 2010 more user-friendly"

I'm cool with helping out new players,but I'm worried it will become even more automated.A few things I don't like about 09 are when it slide tackles for you and sometimes it will lay it off,or clear the box,and until version 1.3 the AI would pull players out of position to tackle people even though I was covering that player.

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KingDizzi3785d ago

And in other news, the sun will rise tomorrow :O

rekonizakilla3785d ago

what's your problem with konami announcing a new and dramatically improved version of a game.

San Frandisco3785d ago

dude wtf? spring allready? thats cheap of them since pes 09 cae out in september of 08 witch is like...6 months ago.
and i was thinking of buying PES 09 too,i'll just have to wait t'ill PES 2010 then.

somekindofmike3785d ago

Without reading the article I presumed it was a very early announcement for Spring 2010, but it does clearly say 'this spring' I was concsidering picking of PES 09 recently too! but I'm having second thoughts now

Venatus-Deus3785d ago

I assume that because Konami is a Japanese company then the seasons are simply reversed. i.e. when it’s the summer in the UK, it’s winter in Australia. When it’s autumn in the UK it’s Spring in Japan.

Just guessing…

unicronic3785d ago

Hopefully one of the "new features" will be an online element that is not broken on day one and never fixed.

PES 08 & 09 had online play that was quite possibly the worst of this generation. FIFA 09 has raised the bar online with 10v10.

Whether you love or hate FIFA 10v10 with no lag is wher PES10 needs to go to go beyond being a PS2/Xbox1 title with slightly better graphics.

badz1493785d ago

but their progress really has stalled since the last 2 iterations unlike FIFA which had improved steadily each year! fans will always support it and say that it's better than FIFA although the multiplayer is broken in PES2008 and PES2009 but I'm a FIFA fan, so FIFA is the best imo! I've skipped FIFA 09 for expecting it to be not a so much improvement over 08 but I was slightly wrong! so, I'll be all over FIFA 10 when it is released! booo for PES!

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The story is too old to be commented.