IGN: Nintendo 64 Treasures

Despite the way some history has been written, the Nintendo 64 was more than just a Super Mario 64 machine. Nintendo's 64-bit system hosted a number of titles now recognized all legitimate classics, such as Wave Race 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Party, and Super Smash Bros. These are the games that truly defined the Nintendo 64 to the masses. However, bubbling under the surface is a host of lesser-known titles that also helped tell the story of the Nintendo 64.

These are games that have not appeared yet on the Virtual Console -- and it's likely that many of them will never appear. You'll actually have to hit up garage sales or the usual Internet destinations to find these cartridges. But they deserve to be played far and wide by retrogamers that truly appreciated an underrated gem. Make them part of your regular retro scavenger hunt.

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