Gamespot: The Godfather II Review

If The Godfather II had been a mediocre, mindless action flick, the game of the same name could at least be considered faithful to its source material. As it is, though, Coppola's Mafia-themed masterpiece has been reduced to an uninspired, repetitive open-world action game with out-of-context movie quotes and a handful of recognizable characters sprinkled throughout its forgettable story. To make matters worse, The Godfather II has clearly been released in an unfinished state and is riddled with performance issues and bugs like they've been fired from a Tommy gun.

The Good:
* You get to see some cool movie moments from a different perspective
* Impressive and upgradable arsenal

The Bad:
* Nothing about the game feels finished
* Uninspired and repetitive gameplay
* Crew members are unbelievably stupid
* Poorly designed multiplayer modes and maps
* Dated visuals

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osamaq3790d ago

this review is very realistic and very fair ,
the graphics looks like the PS1 games, WTF ?!!!,
the physics suck balls