IGN: Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode Hands-On

Resident Evil 5 released less than a month ago in the US on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. And just as gamers were running out of things to do, Capcom has released Versus Mode for download. For $5 you get a tiny download that opens up a brand new four-player online mode. Save your money. Even if you love RE5, the Versus Mode DLC is a poorly thought out offering that should have been a whole lot better (and cheaper).

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GameOn3784d ago

So not only are they charging for something that should have come with the game, it's junk!

F* you Capcom.

Solbadguy3784d ago

After reading that, mega milking confirmed.

Basically taken everything from Mercs and carelessly throwing it into Versus mode just to make a quick buck. They couldnt even balance the game for the vs mode.