PS3 exclusive Ni-Oh still in the works

Way back in 2005, Koei showed off an action game for the PS3 called Ni-oh. While details were very slim on it, the game was about a group of monks assigned to protect Buddha. Ni-oh is based off a script of a movie penned by the famous Japanese director Akira Kurowasa. The movie, which was set to be Kurowasa's sons directoral debut, was cancelled, and after no new info on the game for several years, many wrote the game off as well.

However, the latest Famitsu confirms that the project is still in development, exclusive for the PS3. Details outside of that are still slim.

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Unbiased13784d ago

PS3 is going to have huge year in Japan, with price cut, FF13 and bunch of other games, wow.

gambare3784d ago

yeah, it's going to be a great year for the PS3... but I'm not sure about... you know...

himdeel3784d ago

...I just got chills. It's Kurosawa they spelled his name wrong. Anyway I've loved his films every since I saw the 7 Samurai. Seems like it could be awesome.

TheColbertinator3784d ago

That is surprising if true.I recall Ni-Oh was cancelled due to development issues and cost in the early days of the PS3.

Johnny Rotten3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Hey Steven I just want you to know I'm supporting you all the way on getting NASA to name that space node after you :)

shadowfox3784d ago

seems like the ps3 is having a renaissance of sorts in Japan now

TheColbertinator3784d ago


lol Yeah I voted for Stephen as well.Hopefully NASA will name the wing after a true American hero.

gambare3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

"seems like the ps3 is having a renaissance of sorts in Japan now "

I don't think Japan likes the 360 anymore, specially after the ToV fiasco.

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morganfell3784d ago

As a Kurosawa (they have the letters reversed) aficionado, I am glad to see this effort. Good chambara are hard to find in the cinema these days and Kurosawa's were the standard partly because they were atypical of the genre. Score one more for the PS3.

ThanatosDMC3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Oh noes! More REAL exclusives...! See what i did there?

(Lame... i got a phantom disagree)

SaiyanFury3784d ago

Good post, morganfell, I also await the game. PS3 has the exclusive advantage this gen. I look forward to it.

aldesko3784d ago

I want to play as Mifune

morganfell3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Thanks Saiyan. The influence of Kurosawa was so broad. And remember, without The Hidden Fortress there would be no Star Wars and without Yojimbo there would be no Man With No Name.

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shadowfox3784d ago

can't believe the game is still coming out. i wonder if we'll be seeing any other 2005 games coming up

T-What3784d ago

I really hope eyedentify comes back its still one of mu most anticipated games.

mastiffchild3784d ago

shadowfox-mymate knows a guy from Digiguys and he swears blind despite my laughing hugely when he says it that Wardevil WILL definitely be out in November.

Is that 2005 enough for you? I think my mates full of sh1t but, I guess, if he's right I'll have to rake him more seriously. Not holding my breath though as it still feels as distant as Duke Nukem Forever to me.

On topic-not enough games about monks. And where is the action RPG I ordered about the life of Rasputin? With strange mind bending powers all intact. It's a winner, call me. Someone, please, call me and we'll make it happen!Honest!

gauntletpython3784d ago

I might be more excited if it wasn't made by Koei. They always seem to be right on the verge of something great, but always just miss the mark.

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The story is too old to be commented.