Rumor: Perfect Dark Hitting XBLA?

Kombo Reports: "This is just speculation for the most part, but there is some evidence that suggests that Perfect Dark may be heading to XLBA in the future.

Rare unveiled their Banjo-Tooie theme today, and it didn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. But wait. If you look closely at the latest games icons, you notice a woman's face that shares a remarkable resemblance to Joanna Dark from the N64 days. Subtle hint? Could be."

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MattyF3783d ago

I would play the hell out of a XBLA version. This game had so many customizable options in it. You could make a multiplayer map whatever you dreamed of for the most part. Such a great game.

BlackIceJoe3783d ago

This would be awesome news. Throw in online multiplayer and this news is even more awesome. I would also love to see Perfect Dark 2. If Rare could throw in the original game plus the new game. Like they did with Banjo that would be pretty sweet.

MattyF3783d ago

If they added all that to the original N64 version, would you even want Perfect Dark 2? :-p