Windows 7 testers asked to go back to Vista

Microsoft is asking users who are testing its new Windows 7 build to return to their old operating systems.

In a posting to the Engineering Windows 7 blog on Tuesday, Microsoft developers said that users testing the new release candidate builds of Windows 7 would be asked to revert their machines back to Windows Vista rather than the beta releases which testers are currently running.

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BLiZZaK3783d ago

I don't see what everyone has problems with Vista...I run Vista 64 and I think the only thing that didn't run on it was some old Windows 95 games lol...other than driver problems or nothing everything been running good...But I have Vista Ultimate so I guess I get a free upgrade to Windows 7..might as well take up that offer eh?

FragMnTagM3783d ago (Edited 3783d ago )

I have no problems unless I am trying to install stuff from 1990. I have many many programs on my computer. I have a ton of roms and emulators.

I am always curious as to what these people complain about all the time. I guess they should get a Mac, cause those are "easy".

The specs on my 64bit rig are: 1.5gigs of ram, 1tb hard drive, 160gig hard drive, nvidia 8600GT, and a Pentium D processor.

My windows experience index is 3.7. That is a little over half of how good Vista could be running, and it is just fine for me.

Tomorrow I expect that number to jump significantly as I am upgrading the motherboard, CPU, and extra 1gig of ram.

y0haN3783d ago

Lots of people I know have the beta and they are very impressed with it. Me, I've been using XP since it came out and just bought some new RAM to bring me to 4GB. I think I'll upgrade to Vista 64 and see if it's any good.

CRAIG6673783d ago

Not to dis vista (im a happy user) but im also in the windows 7 beta test group and i would advice you to save your cash for that tbh,but thats just my opinion.

FragMnTagM3783d ago

It only recognizes up to 3gig, unless you have a 64bit cpu and motherboard.

y0haN3783d ago

Actually it's up to 4GB including VRAM after a registry hack, but I want a 64bit OS.

REALgamer3783d ago

And I honestly believe it will be MS's best OS yet.

It runs extremely smooth with better performance but most of the improvements are in usability.

Eg: drag and flick a window to either side of the screen to maximise it to HALF the screen (so 2 windows maxed side-by-side), or to the top to maximise completely.

Shake a window to minimize all other windows.

The taskbar is also MUCH better, nicely sorted into specific program windows.

krauley3783d ago

i ran win7 for a few months and with the exception of a couple of games screen resolution problems i thought it was the best version of windows i have ever used to date. i still miss the extreme ease of use i got from windows 3.1/dos5 back in the day though :P

Ronnie073783d ago

little tip incase you didnt know.. press the windows key + left/right :-)

cherrypie3783d ago

I agree too. W7 is terrific.

Try Powershell, it is great. Have a look at Device Stage (the new device handling interface (cellphones etc))

3783d ago
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