Killzone 2: Believe the Hype

Kombo writes:

"When I saw a recent poll of the week, I knew I needed to play Killzone 2. Games that even garner a comparison to Gears of War 2 are worth playing. I spent the latter half of the week doing exactly that. Let me start with a couple disclaimers; I am not a fanboy. I don't even own a PS3. This is not a review. I haven't touched single-player. As such, this is a rant about the majesty of Killzone 2's online multiplayer."

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dericb113790d ago

Good to hear this from a Halo fan. Every game is different and does deserve a chance. I have had it since release and the MP is insane. I really love to have long matches. 30:00 Time limits equal tons of points.