Funeral For The Game Boy Advance

Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"With the launch of the Nintendo DSi - the first Nintendo handheld in eight years that can't play Game Boy Advance games - I'd like to share some stories about how the GBA platform shaped me as a gamer."

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DreamcastFanboy3790d ago

Was it dead like three years ago?

gumgum993790d ago

yes, the Gameboy line has been dead for sometime, but the nintendo DSi has pretty much closed the book on it.

xabmol3790d ago

But it forever lives on through my PSP.


3789d ago
kesvalk3789d ago

yea, the GBA was a very good handheld... 10 megaman games is proof enough

keeps me playing until today... (still dind't finished megaman.exe 1 and 2)

Enigma_20993789d ago

And it was the first handheld I HAD to own... I will miss it.

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