WTF New Egg, and Maybe Even UPS?

An article from GamesOnSmash Reads "No, I'm not flaming them or trying to call BS on the two companies. All I'm saying is the need to step there game up. Yes I said it, and I'll explain why. First, though, I would like to start by saying that both of these companies are great, And I been a happy customer of theirs for years. I love the low prices, and friendly layout has to offer. I also like how UPS delivers packages carefully, and with care. However, I have to shout both of them out on something that has occurred recently. Messed up product is no way to treat your customers."

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enjoi1873785d ago

"Guess the only reason I’m writing this is because it is being written on the PS3s sh!tty web browser. Yep that’s right this is the first article on our site, or perhaps even the entire web to be written in the PS3s browser. That also explains the reason there is no picture.. :/"


Sarcasm3785d ago

The fact that he had to rely on his PS3 to complete the article, shows that the PS3 browser isn't so sh*tty.

Sure it's not the best browser out there, but it works good enough and with flash support, it's great to use with Hulu or youtube.

JsonHenry3785d ago

Wow. I have never had one problem. Not one single problem with since I started using them about 8 years ago.

deeznuts3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

Agreed. I've been using newegg since 1998 and have ordered thousands in merchandise. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM that they didn't resolve.

EDIT" Just read the full article. Someone like that should be banned from trying to make a "how to build a pc" article.

GameForFame3784d ago

What a retarded article...the last bit about writing it on his PS3 was pointless and unnecessary. Should have told us the truth, how he is writing this from his PS3 in his grandmummies basement.

What a tool, whining about something like it's a big deal...things like this happen. Wow. If dude is looking for a shoulder to cry on why doesn't he call his boyfriend?

NDoerrFans3784d ago

I worked on for a long time. It's been absorbed completely into Joystiq since then, but I wrote a post on that site using the PS3 browser around a year and a half ago.

Obviously, I can't link to that story since it's been lost in the ether of the internet, but I just wanted to knock the writer of this article down a peg. It's been done, buddy, but it is pretty cool we're able to do that. Except for the whole image thing.

Buttons3784d ago

"Rabble rabble newegg rabble should fix their shortcomings rabble rabble waah waah rabble rabble hi N4G"

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Omegasyde3785d ago

Wow, If I tried that My PS3 would lock up. Its hard enough to try and watch nroP, let alone submit HTML.

IdleLeeSiuLung3785d ago

Seems stupid, for all I know the guy broke off the pin the CPU himself. Newegg's policy state they don't accept returns/exchanges on CPU due to bent/broken pins.

Unknown source of CPU is one reason I never buy OEM. If you buy retail boxed CPU, you are practically guaranteed a non bent-pin(s) CPU. They are packaged really well from the factory....

y0haN3785d ago

I think a better title would be 'Guy writes whole article with PS3 browser'

patterson3785d ago

I was thinking the sam thing.

Godmars2903785d ago

And if he's a half decent typist

jkashuba073785d ago

your better off using the online replacement for defective item, and then talk to someone online for a prepaid shipping label, that way its definitely marked for replacement!

SaiyanFury3785d ago

I'm in the process of RMA-ing my GTX 285 video card, and so far it's been painless. I've built my entire PC and more from Newegg and I've never had a single problem. Perhaps the author experienced a delay in the update of his case status. I know sometimes when I order from Newegg, the UPS tracking doesn't update right away. I love Newegg and their customer focus. Better than a lot of other companies doing business these days. From my own experience, I can do nothing but sing praise of Newegg just based on my own dealings with them. I guess some people have different experiences. No company is perfect.

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