New tri-Ace RPG for PS3/360 is named End of Eternity

The latest issue of Famitsu showed images of the new RPG tri-Ace announced last week, with the new title named "End of Eternity". It appears that the new game will be released by Sega.

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Unbiased13787d ago

I think i might puke or something when E3 comes. Why? Well there are just going to be too many games for my brain to process. It seems every publisher is waiting for that E3 to show their games, and it's going to be to much.
It's awesome but it could affect my brain...literally...

GWAVE3787d ago

Tri-Ace's track record this gen has been terrible, but with a new publisher perhaps they will do better.

lolol1233787d ago

why would it be something good when they could give us another generic piece of crap?

end of eternity... wow. it doesn't get any more generic than a title like that.

FarEastOrient3787d ago

I puked a great deal during E3 but that is because of drinking parties at night and gallons of coffee in the morning.

Sexius Maximus3787d ago

If it's half as good as Tales of Vesperia, it'll make me happy.

AAACE53787d ago

It would seem more appropriate for the title "End of Eternity" to be used when FFXIII is!

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TheHater3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Tri-Ace just gave S-E the big middle finger because SEGA are they ones publishing this game.

Omegasyde3787d ago

Tri-Ace still has yet to really prove themselves.

They need to hire someone else to write the game scripts.

Sarcasm3787d ago

If it was published by SE, it would have been a 360 exclusive.

Thank you SEGA.

Although who knows, this game might not be any good anyway.

jackdoe3787d ago

I disagree. S-E would have published this as multiplat as well (I doubt Square will ever make another 360 exclusive, unless MS produced it themselves).

Millah3787d ago

Yea and hopefully they'll have more creative freedom now being under Sega and not under Square.

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Omegasyde3787d ago

I wonder which site will use that headline.....

Voozi3787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

End of Eternity to be Final Fantasy XIII killer?

Microsoft Secures Timed Exclusivity on End of Eternity?

End of Eternity DLC Exclusively on 360?

Segas New RPG End of Eternity Multiplatform, Valkyria Chronicles to follow?


Yes indeed...wonder which site would use these headlines, kukukukukukuku >:3

lord_of_balrogs3787d ago

I hope this one is actually good. The only half decent game has been SO4, and that's only the battle system.

dericb113787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

Me too. The thing you have to hope about is if this is a same day release for PS3 and 360? I known SE had something to do with TLR, Star Ocean crap but how much of it was Tri-Ace's fault.

As for Sega this is another amazing thing to hear coming from them. They have been doing good lately. How Sonic and Sonic Team need to lay off the crack pipes for a bit and make a good Sonic.

crinale3787d ago

From reading the article it looks like the system would be somewhat similar to the Valkyria Chronicles.

crinale3787d ago

In original Japanese article, it says that the field is grid-based.
May be it is more SRPG-like, but who knows.

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The story is too old to be commented.