Top Five Mistakes Sony is Making with Playstation 3

Sony has fixed many problems with the Playstation 3 since its launch in 2006. However, they still have plenty of work to do in order for their video game to be successful.

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FPShooter3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

why is it you never see articles like this about the other two consoles from the examiner? Sony isn't the only company to make mistakes.

GiantEnemyCrab3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

EDIT: I'm changing my comment because I just took a look at all the gaming news on this site and I'm not finding a lot of negative Xbox articles.

There are lots of positive PS3 articles though.

psycho3603791d ago

@1 "why is it you never see articles like this about the other two consoles from the examiner? "

Because the sales of those 2 are much better than the super hyped up console which had a fan following of 120million.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3791d ago

To many to List!!! ;)

+ I see what Micro$oft are doing...they get everyone hooked on Chatting on their Games???Console, so now they don't have to bring out any 'AAA' Games(Did they ever tho???)and their PONDLIFE Fans are sooooooo Addicted to Chatting they have to pay a xBox LIVE yearly TAX!!! Poor ChatBots!!! ;-D

FPShooter3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

It has nothing to do with hype. Every time PS3 owners get good news or something to be excited about than haters say its being over hyped.

Hype all comes down to the particular person. I have had my PS3 since launch and have been satisfied from day one but I cant speak for the next man. So in my case it does live up to the "hype".

The PS3 gets more BS than any other console. The truth is people are going to hate regardless of what SONY does. If they had removed the HDD like MS than people would just complain about that. truth be told MS has made just as many mistakes as SONY but SONY didn't have a year of no competition cushion to fall back on. But no one likes to talk about that.

Too_Hyped3791d ago

Because Ms is funding the examiner.

Most websites are American, and it's very easy for MS to spread false information.

Meanwhile, 360 users still have nothing to play in 2009, but MS doesn't care about that, and neither do their most stupid fans on N4G.

DoucheVader3790d ago

See articles like this at all about Xbox and Wii.

The author is an idiot just fishing for page views.

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ElementX3791d ago

They need to give me BC! I want to play some PS2 games but i'm not buying a PS2 even though they're cheap!

Genesis53791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Their #1 mistake is not suing all the American websites for libel and defamation. With all the half truths and pure fiction they print about the PS3.

There is how many 3rd parties not supporting the PS3 now? As for 3rd party games performing better on the 360. That was when they were porting 360 code straight to the PS3. That is not the case anymore.

Elven63791d ago

Genesis5: The day Midway strikes back at Kotaku for all those bullshit hit pieces :p

The only thing I would want is backwards compatibility, even software will work!

Marceles3791d ago

a little off topic..but wow

GWAVE3791d ago

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft are all making plenty of mistakes with their platforms. My only concern is about how many things they're doing RIGHT, and with that being the case, Sony is doing plenty right with the PS3, making it quite easy to overlook the few minor mistakes.

Weak third party support? Nope. That's false.

Slow firmware updates? Is he kidding? PS3 updated three times as often as the Wii and 360.

This article is stuck in late 2007.

Dragun6193791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

5. Weak Third Party Support?
No, Konami,Koei,Tecmo, Sega, EA , NamcoBandai and Capcom have all supported the PS3 one way or another. Such as supporting Home, Releasing or Producing Exclusives such as MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, Quantum Theory and Ports such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3,Orange Box, Bioshock, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Vesperia, and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.
List of Publishers who support Home

4.Slow Firmware Update Features
Well at least they their Updating the PS3 adding at least one new feature like the Video Store, In Game XMB, In Game Music player, In game Screenshots, More redesign and organized PSN Store, Trophies system, PSN gamercard, Home, And of course, the recently released Text Chat. Also
"The closer the Playstation Network gets to Xbox Live on the Xbox 360, the more attractive the Playstation 3 will be to prospective buyers."
Its free, that alone should attract prospective buyers.

3. Lack of PSOne Classics
True, i believe Sony needs to release some more PSone classics but it isn't necessary when compared to what PS3 catalog offers such as Killzone 2, Valkyrie Chronicles, MGS4 or on PSN such as Warhawk, Burnout Paradise, and Gran Turismo Prologue.

2. Removing Playstation 2 Backwards Compatibility
Well, I'm pretty sure we can expect an PS2 emulator once PS2 stops selling cuz you know its still selling, its only reason why sony would keep it on the Market. You just have to wait much like how Sony released a PS1 emulator for the PSP. Or you can go pick up a PS2, i mean come on, its $100 now.

1. No Price Drop
Sony stated that they wanted Profit and Not Market Share unlike you know who.
Also with the PS3 is beating the Wii in Japan for the Fifth week. It would be logical to wait til sales slow down then Price cut to bring it up again.

Overall, These aren't mistakes but instead Improvements.
Improvements that have improved PS3 in terms of software and Capabilities and added more Revenue for Sony as stated above.
GWave is right, This article is stuck in late 2007.

Ice3791d ago

You my fellow playstation owner as well as many others are not stating the important. We should want what other console owners have, such as in game voice messaging, in game music, backwards compatability with ps2 titles. The fact that sony is not giving it too us either shows that they are lazy (firmware updates) or can't at this point. As with ps2 emulation that is more selfish the M$. Please lets stop being blind because Sony is just as greedy. We have free servers to play our games on, but Sony is also charging companies to place their demoes on the playstation store, thus hurting their loyal customers with companies not putting their demoes on their. This is a principle of marketing that customers become loyal to products that they perceive a risk in buying, but at this point we should be past the point of justifying our purchase and yelling at sony for features that should have been their from the beginning. Add the f*cking in game voice chat, cross game invites, as well as other stupid sh*t the competition has. I'm just saying stop being school girls and yell at sony. They are a company and should listen to their consumer. We don't just have to back them up all the time and they should back themselves up by backing their loyal fans.

Domenikos3791d ago

Tired of these BS lists...


Dragun6193791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

@ Ice
Sure, There is quite alot of features that i want from Sony especially features such as In Game Voice Chat and PS2 Emulation but it seems with the recently released Text Chat, It looks like there just trying to get the basic stuff down first but i could be wrong and they could be lazy. Though I don't think they're lazy as evidently compared to PS3 in 2006 to the PS3 now, they sure have come a long way in terms of features.

Also about Sony charging Publishers for DLC and Demos on PSN, I think its a bit abusrd but i also think its better than charging the consumer itself unlike Microsoft. Its a small price to pay for getting free service, Plus hasn't this policy been in affect since last year? I don't see any problems with it as many publishers are releasing demos and dlc on PSN still. Heck, Even Epic has released their like 1gb Free Titan DLC Pack on PSN, Like wow, imagine how much that costs. 16 cents per gb....

pain777pas3791d ago

All the points made are valid but becoming much less of a problem due to the great software that is coming out. I personally love the PS3 it is underappreciated. Feature rich right out of the box and really good new First party IPs no real reliance on old game franchises for Sony so far and I'm loving it.

n to the b3791d ago

" real reliance on old game franchises for Sony.."

well I don't know if I'd say that since 2 of the PS3's biggest games are sequels - MGS4 and KZ2. but yeah the features have come a long way since PS3 launch. and yes there certainly seems to be more new IPs than 360 lately, doesn't there?

aksmashh3791d ago

One Good Point Slow Firmware Updates
But The Rest?

PS2 Games (Ur Fault For Not Buying A 60GB)

Third Party (The Only One I Wanted Was Left 4 Dead)
I Rather Play First Party Games (Uses Full Power)

Price Drop - Are You CrackHead You Can't Even Save £300 In 3 Years?
Why Should They? If They Can't Afford The Console,
How Are You Gonna Afford The Games?

creatchee3791d ago

I don't know what's worse - your comment or the sheer number of agrees that you got.

Seriously, just because media outlets don't like certain things about the PS3 doesn't mean that it's because of bias. Maybe they simply don't like certain things about the PS3. Period. I own one and there are things that I outright hate about it. But the problem is, people (especially here) think that bad news or commentary is from some sort of global plot hatched by Microsoft to defame the PS3. That's just sad.

The media doesn't like the PS3 for its own reasons (which probably coincide with why the public hasn't adopted it as readily as the 360 and Wii). Grow up and stop pretending it's a conspiracy.

Lifendz3791d ago

Sony made this Gen in no order of importance:

Not giving enough support to Devs.

Marketing for PS3 is nowhere near what the PS2 or PS1 marketing was.

Not properly advertising the benefits of paying more for a PS3 than for either of the other two consoles.

Not keeping the 20gig sku. That could be the entry point system at 299.99 right now sans Wifi.

Not keeping GTA4 exclusive. That would've been huge for Sony.

edgeofblade3791d ago

I never got the "it's already perfect, no changes needed" line. I like my PS3, but to stick your head in the sand and pretend there is nothing wrong... that's just stupid. If we did what all the fanboys told us and ignored the problems, we would never see any improvement.

And there is ALWAYS room for improvement.

Genesis53791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Believe this article is tame compared to some rants about the PS3 on other websites. They go far beyond what can be considered normal criticism. A lot that use no facts at all.

Jecht3791d ago

Why? Why should the PS3 have those features? Because the 360 has them? When was it decided that those things are a must to game online? Who made that decision? Do you NEED cross game invites to play the game? Do you not have telephones, or email, or gaming websites in which to setup games BEFORE you start playing them? Do the lack of these features prevent you from inserting the game disc into the machine, and your ISP from connecting you to the server so that you can play the game online?

Whatever happened to individuality? Why must all consoles have ALL the same features? What's the point of having competition then? Why don't Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo just merge into one big gaming conglomerate with one console and all features, but no real incentive to produce anything of quality because there's nothing to compete against? No goal to strive for?

People like you need to stop complaining about the luxuries you don't have and start seeing the great things you DO have. All the basic needs for online gaming are present in the PS3. No one needs BC when they can go out and buy a PS2, hell it's actually smarter to play it on the PS2 anyway.

Sony doesn't need to copy the features of the other 2 companies. What Sony needs to do is come up with stuff that distinguishes them from the competition. Things that will surprise and shock the gaming community and entice people to their product. You won't get far merely catering to the elitist desires of the jaded hardcore gamers who want everything and want it now. You can never make everyone happy. Sony is doing fine, and everyone knows it. That's why people are trying so hard to come up with negative news because it's cool to hate on Sony and the PS3. But the PS3 is a fantastic console, with fantastic games, and fantastic features. And that's all that matters.

IcarusOne3791d ago

I highly doubt the PS3 will ever feature backwards compatibility again. With the PS2 price drop and PS3's not selling the way Sony hoped, they need every console to produce their profits for them. Thus forcing people to the PS2 if they want to play PS2 games.

As for the software updates, PSN feels like a skeleton compared to XBL. People will always b!tch about paying for XBL, but a free piece of sh!t is still a piece of sh!t. And that's just an analogy. The PS Store isn't too bad, but compared to the services and features offered by XBL, it's still lacking. This is why it's free. It's not because Sony loves their gamers. It's because they know they can't possibly charge for this service yet.

For Sony to still be "working on the basics" this far into the console's life is a bit of a fumble. Just adds fuel to the fire that it's a blu-ray player first and a gaming console second.

Buttons3791d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

4. Slow Firmware Update Features
Before Sony updates the multimedia features of the Playstation 3, they should focus all their attention to the gaming side of the equation.

Why? Why are non-gamers who bought the PS3 for it's multimedia capabilities less important than the gamers?
5. Weak Third-Party Support

Welcome to two years ago.
2. Removing Playstation 2 Backwards Compatibility
1. No Price Drop

What the hell? This is a contradiction. You want backwards compatibility, and then you expect a price drop? Use some common sense.

This article sucks.

riskibusiness3790d ago

The PS3 controller really sucks and no matter the games, developers, publishers, or PS3 technology will convince me to buy a PS3. I really hate the controller. Now give me a 360 controller with a PS3, and I am sold. Yeah yeah, the D-pad on the 360 controller sucks.

skip2mylou3790d ago

if u want to play ps2 games u can with an emulator for your pc.

KKanjiAnkh3790d ago


STHU, you wannabe gamer, I know you have your opinion, but go cry somewhere else, how old are you seriously, and what the he!!, have you been playing since the 64 era. You might as well said the OG XBOX, has a better control scheme.


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TheColbertinator3791d ago


Plenty of sites make flamebait articles on all consoles from time to time.

"360 No games 2009"

"PS3 doesn't sell games"

"Wii is not hardcore"

Same bullsh!t peddled again and again on N4G.

Serjikal_Strike3791d ago

#1 price drop=if u want a ps3, save ur money to buy one! cut back on the fast food cheese burgers and youll have one in no time!
#2 Backwards comp.=My 60 gb has it and i only used it for 1 ps2 game and that was when god of war 2 came out..i dont see this as being a huge deal ..I'd rather play new games as to old last gen games
#3 lack of ps1 classics=really? they couldnt find a better reason?
#4 slow updates= the updates are done when they need to be done...i dont want to turn on my ps3 daily and have to do a software update daily or weekly or even monthly
#5 weak 3rd party=we got a fabulous 1st party...3rd party shouldnt matter all that much ,now should it!

Ryudo3791d ago

I think you totally miss the point my friend. Saying PSX classics lacking ain't a problem only shows how shallow you are when it comes to gaming. Saying here's no need to play PS2 games makes you even more shallow. Let me let you in on a little secret PS2 is a far better gaming console then the PS3 why you ask? Quite simply it has better games. Take Persona 3/4 for example best role playing games this gen both on the Playstation 2.

A real gamer puts game play before graphics Although your name sorta shows you don't. But hey who am I to question what brings you enjoyment if graphics is all you care about then cool. But don't disregard players who take truly good games over graphics. PS2 backwards compatibility matters alot to them. Great PSX games on the playstation store is also a huge deal.

Seriously graphics is overrated look at killzone 2 for example it had tones of graphics to offer. Didn't stop Halo 3 wiping the floor with it in both review scores longevity and sales. PSX/PS2 games are still far greater games then anything this generation the only thing that stands toe to toe with them is MGS4.

mastiffchild3791d ago

You say this but the only place I play PS1 games now is on PSP-they just look worse than ever on my big screen. My 60gig is BC yet , Persona apart, the only PS2 games I really played on it were GOW2, SoTC and Killer7.

It isn't that, as a gamer, I'm shallow or a GFX whore but I've just played most of what's good on PS2 already AND the games have been coming thick and fast for the past 18 months. I've got all three consoles and play the PS3 most by miles(also have a decent enough gaming PC too)but, as I say, PSX games just don't look even as good as they once did on the PS3 and plasma set up.

Sony do have a few holes in what they offer us-MS do as well where I live(in the UK Live is a shadow of what it is in the US just like the PSN)with fewer features than I'd like. And what do Ninty offer us?

It's the wrong time to moan about Sony, imo, as they're going more in the right direction than their comp. That's all-best of a really bad bunch for me.

shawnsl653791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

sorry to burst your bubbles ryu, but the ps1 games look like SHlT on my TV. I still have my collection of ps1 games in the attic. As for PS2 bc, I couldn't give a dam about that. I ran out and bought one this weekend ($99 Amazon, never owned one before)just to play the GOW1 and GOW2 ($20 total ebay) game (first time played). I'm pretty much a happy camper.

Anon19743791d ago

I played those games when I owned a PS2 and PSone. If I wanted to continue playing those games I'd have kept those systems instead of buying a PS3 but I didn't. I want to play PS3 games and I don't have enough time as is to play the stack of great PS3 games out currently.

Donkey Kong is a great game two but I'm not demanding Mame support for my PS3 so I can play this game round the clock. That doesn't make me any less of a gamer.
If it matters to gamers they'd have a PS2 or PSone. I don't buy a CD player and then moan it doesn't support LP's.

Serjikal_Strike3791d ago

you obviously got my point all wrong...Im done playing ps1 and ps2 games...I dont wanna play them on my ps3..having ps1 and 2 games on my ps3 is not going to make it a better system...
as far as being a grphx whore and not being a real gamer..FYI i own over 30 ps3 games and it icludes some of the best games that have came need to name them all..but I love games for the gameplay not the grphx
it sounds to me like you are stuck in last gen gaminig!

slayorofgods3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

1. price drop - contradicts with the removal of backwards compatibility complaint. The only way Sony can make a price drop is by downgrading the PS3 even further. Did you know that Sony loses money on every PS3 sold because of the cost of production?

2. Backwards Comp. - This still exists. However you can either pay 200 extra dolors for backwards comp. or 30 dollars for a ps2 on ebay.

3. Lack of classic ps1 games - The PS3 can play ps1 discs, most game stores sell them for very cheap, you can try ebay if you'd prefer not making such a long trip.

4. Slow firmware update features - "?" this statement is just plain wrong!!

5. Weak 3rd party - sure the ps3 had a rough start with their policies towards 3rd parties. However at the end of this generation that wont matter. One by one Bioshock, Ninja gaiden 2, Tales of Vesperia all announce that they are going multiplatform like a domino effect. I think Sony is the smart one's by investing in 1st party games instead.

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cmrbe3791d ago

is letting go of Crazy Ken.

There is no way for Sony to keep all 3rd parties support they had last gen. If Sony drop the price and pay for 3rd party exclusives they would be out of bussiness right now.

Seriously, this guy needs to go back to school.