Wii video service will be "different," could extend to DS

It was announced a few months ago that the Wii would soon be receiving a video service from the big N. Now Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has expressed possible interest in extending the service to the DS and has reaffirmed that it may arrive in overseas territories.

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SinnedNogara3787d ago

Now with that new storage solution, this could be great. Netflix could be on Wii eventually. Sure, there won't be high definition, but Iwata Asks could become a podcast for download!!!

Maxned3787d ago

Hmmm... maybe if Netflix came to the wii, you could transfer a limited amount of movies to your DS and watch them portably. (is that a word?)

gumgum993787d ago

I don't think Netflicks is what Nintendo has in mind(remember that Nintendo has a dislike of subscriptions. If its going t be unlike "anything else" it does not involve video on demand.

The DSi will, obviously, be able to take full advantage of the system more than previous models. If previous DS models do support it, it will most likely be similar to the DS download station method.

bigjclassic3787d ago

but I think they are getting thier online strategy together for next gen. I think with WiiHD (or Super Wii) that their online service will be comparable to PSN.

Good none the less for Nintendo. I know that I dont personally use my video services on PSN at all.