New co-op Dead Space Extraction info

There will be many times in the game when the second player is a valuable component, example of this will be the puzzles which range in difficulty. This will not be a "pick up the yellow key card", these puzzles will either be motion based or timed and will be a great fit for teamwork. Schofield explains "That's when it's good to have a friend to watch your back, because you could be getting mauled while you are trying to get the door open, and if you screwup, it might close again."

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SinnedNogara3788d ago

They better have online co-op.

Splitscreen sucks!!

Product3788d ago

when asked if there would be online Glen responded with "maybe in a sequel"

So i doubt there will be online co-op but i dont really care because i like people being in the same room as me,i feel thats something missing from this gen.

This game will not have splitscreen.

SinnedNogara3788d ago

That's bull!!!!


That isn't fair. They could have done something!! Especially since the game has been in developed for a year.

Something tells me this won't really sell!!