Rockstar Did Not Announce Grand Theft Auto V

SCRAWL: "A new post went up on N4G claiming that Rockstar Games has announced the fifth Grand Theft Auto title and it will once again take place in Vice City. However, the story's not true and Rockstar has not announced anything. The so-called picture that the site obtained was actually done by a DeviantArt designer. However, due to disregard from some members on N4G, the post was approved."

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UnSelf3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

no 1 eva sed Las Vegas so if their wrong wat does dat make u? smh @ Gaming journalism as a whole

ElementX3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

Jesus Christ, learn proper English. Hope you like flipping burgers

Szarky3785d ago

Give the 13 year old kid a break man, not all of us can spell =) English is hard!

GUNS N SWORDS3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

i cawn't weat tooo pay da mext gta enyway, 1t's groing to bee the shhisnet. :)

Bnet3433785d ago

"However, due to disregard from some members on N4G, the post was approved"

Happens all the time.

IzKyD13313785d ago

y must u id10ts haf ta talk lyke dis on teh internetz?

GUNS N SWORDS3785d ago


DreamcastFanboy3785d ago

U doodz r so mean his spalling is fined.

AAACE53784d ago

As much as I would love to see an updated version of San Andreas, I am still hoping they use Japan as their location.

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ape0073785d ago

the pic looks so fake

a modified IV from gta 4

DNAgent3785d ago

Yet you were among those who approved that last article.

Omegasyde3785d ago

Wow, good detective work. +1 bubble.

velaxun3784d ago

good bubble whoring today, +1 bubble

Rich16313785d ago

Ah...conflicting reports suck da big one.

GiantEnemyCrab3785d ago

LOL the irony in your comment with a name like that.

I take it you are in the %1 then correct?

No FanS Land3785d ago

You sure have a flawless mind to promote your neutrality and criticism towards N4G. Ironically, you fit in that 99% because this website has recently (about half to a year ago) been overtaking by PS3 fanboys.

Or I could be the one failing (!) and then it just happened that your N4G username is about hating doing 360 degrees in a car instead of ranting over the xbox360.

b777conehead3785d ago

to giant crab. you are one to talk to 360 hater. just because his name is that means nothing because crab all i have read of your replys on here are hate for the ps3

UnSelf3785d ago

was dat directed at moi?

OOG3785d ago (Edited 3785d ago )

obviously if you don't realize he was talking to you... then you have bricks in your head :/

Bnet3433785d ago

lol Bubbles keeps digging himself into a deeper hole ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.