TGR News Roundup: PSP2 Confirmed, Dragon Age Preview

The bombshell news dropped today that the PSP2 could be arriving before Christmas, and also that PETA is once again up to some strange doings.

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shoinan4250d ago

This drops. Guess I'll wait for E3

EXCLUSIVEGAMER4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

LOL............and people thought gt mobile was dropped.

i expect it to be a launch title for the psp2.

well, sony. you have my money for teh psp2.

remote play version 2.0?
more conectivity options?
moar entertainment in your pocket

mr durand pierre4250d ago

The great thing about a PSP2 is that it'll make the first one dirt cheap. Enough so that I may finally get around to buying one, if only for Patapon reasons.

Viewtiful4250d ago

The Patapon reason is a BIG reason. It's amazing. One of the most criminally overlooked games of all time.

xabmol4250d ago

LocoRoco is really fun too.

I fear games like these are over looked as being "Kiddy." Many people missed out on R&C because of this.

SlamVanderhuge4250d ago

Sony...seriously? I'm still waiting for a killer app for PSP1

ahnonamis4250d ago

You've got a few to choose from. Chains of Olympus, Jeanne d'Arc, Patapon, Loco Roco, Crush, War of the Lions, Syphon Filter...

SirLarr4250d ago

My PSP was a waste of money. Not even giving the PSP2 a second glance until they prove it's worth the investment.

Kain814250d ago

and that will continue in the Future

Released Killer apps: Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core
Metal Gear porteble ops
Syphon Filter
God of War: Chains of Olympus
Silent Hill Origins
Jak and Daxter

Future games : Final Fantasy 13 Agito
Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Parasite Eve Rebirth
Motorstorm Artic
Little big planet
Assassins Creed
Jak and Daxter
Ys 7
Tales of Versus
Final Fanasy Dissidia

Bren864250d ago

I'll buy the psp2 is if has 2 analog sticks and a GTA game to boot

DK_Switch4250d ago

but a game just isn't a game anymore unless I'm clubbing baby seals.

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The story is too old to be commented.